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¡Hola mis amigos y amigas!

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Some of you had a hard time while we were on holidays. Big hugs to everyone who still needs one. ♥
¡Muchos besos!

P.S.: To all the Russian sex LJs or whatever the fuck you're doing leaving comments everywhere, kindly bugger off!!!
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Hey guys!

The family and I will be off to Majorca for nearly a fortnight. Let's hope the wifi at our hotel will be brilliant and my writing plans come to pass. Otherwise... no, I don't even want to think what that'd mean otherwise.

Everyone have a good time and stay healthy!

Nia xx
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Heya, friends!
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Okay, I'll cease my rambling for today and hope you're all doing fine!
Love <333
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Okay, I got the most wonderful present yesterday. It's a podfic of one of my own stories. Not any story, but the only dark one I wrote, which is (so far) the favourite of my stories.

Yes, it's short, dark, and twisted and I'm super proud of it. And the wonderful [ profile] smirkingcat found some brilliant music which created a perfect pompous and cold atmosphere - the perfect fit. And she read all my smut with verve and if you have some minutes to spare, please check it out.

I'm so in love with it!!!

Title: [Podfic:]Victor and Victims
Reader: [ profile] smirkingcat
Rating: Explicit
Length: 17:14
Summary: They were naked except for the golden glitter covering their bodies. All three had rosy cheeks and dilated pupils which was due to the Lust Potion they had been forced to drink earlier.
Pairing(s): Hermione Granger/Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
Warnings: Graphic Descriptions of Violence, Rape/Non-Con
Music: Orc March by basematic


Yes, and then there's my [ profile] hp_crossgenfest fest fic to claim.
Title: Dirty Harry
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s) Harry Potter/Scorpius Malfoy
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: 1.415
Warnings/Tags: Age Difference, Blow Jobs, Somnophilia, Post Hogwarts, Cross-Generation Relationship
Summary: Harry is dirty, literally and figuratively.

I wrote this story after I hadn't written anything for 7 months. Man, that was hard. I tried to write a story for another fest in winter, but had to give up after I had rewritten one particular part of that one for the 10th time. In the end I had to drop out of that fest and am still so sorry about it. Then I saw [ profile] shiftylinguini's prompt and I knew immediately that this would work. I have always the easiest time to write from Harry's pov. And yeah, I get his love for blonds. LOL
So, this was the start to a fabulous summer of writing for me. My fingers are crossed that I can keep going even though it's not an easy going Harry I have to deal with.
Thanks to [ profile] candamira, [ profile] digthewriter and [ profile] gracerene for their cheering and help!

P.S.: Can you imagine that there is no other fic on AO3 with this title in Harry Potter fandom (neither in 1D fandom)? Unbelievable, isn't it?!
Btw, I protest my innocence, it's all fault of The Gorillaz. LOL
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Today's the day where the artists claim the frostironbang stories. I'm so excited and jittery right now. It's gonna start at 1pm -3 GMT (which means from 6pm here) and, OMG, it's ridiculous how nervous I am about the whole thing. There are 25 stories in the pool, and a lot of them seem brilliant from their summaries. I won't read more than those, because I don't want to spoil the fun in November, but yeah it's hard. LOL

It's brain-meltingly hot today. Didn't cool down last night as it did all the other nights before and yeah, that's not helping. At least I'll be out with the family to swim this afternoon. That should be distracting enough. :)
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Haven't posted in a while, but except from posting in my own journal I'm quite active in fandom(s) at the moment. :D

The muse is back, and she came with a vengeance. Nope, not complaining. On the contrary, I'm so very happy about it. I'm slightly ahead of my schedule with the MCU fic and decided spontaneously to reward myself. How do writers reward themselves? Yupp, I signed-up for more writing and claimed a prompt of [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest.

Might have started this fic today and now there are two stories I'm eager to write. LOL
Months of no writing at all and now... can't even decide what to do first. Such a shame I have a job and a family and cannot write all the time.

So, in case you haven't looked at the fabulous nextgen prompts so far, here they are:
come join [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] anemonen, Banner by [ profile] capitu

Oh yeah, and have you visited this year's crossgen fest? No?! You miss out. It's the last week of posting and the art has been great so far. Wonderful fics have been posted too. I can't even name all my favourites without wronging the other stories. Please, go and take a look.
come join [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [ profile] thilia, Banner by [ profile] capitu

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Wow, my LJ is buzzing with post-Leviosa posts and other activities and I just jump on the bandwagon and share some thoughts I had, things I did, and people I want to hug.

The important part first:

[ profile] huldrejenta, it's your birthday, hon! I hope you've been having a wonderful day with your family and friends. I'm sending big hugs and little things that hopefully bring joy. ♥


[ profile] my_thestral, you darling you! I couldn't believe my eyes, but you really sent me a Hogwards postcard from London. Gosh, I could just kiss you. Thank you very much! Luv u. ♥


As a side effect of my idea to write a Frostiron fic in MCU I've started to watch nearly all the movies. Let's try a one sentence résumé of each of them:

Iron Man - Even though Tony was an ass, I loved his sass.
Iron Man 2 - Less drones and more plotline would have been better.
Thor - A poor performance of nearly everyone, director inclusive, except Loki who saved that movie.
Avengers - Thought I got to see something like this all the time: witty dialogues, action, and lots of fun.
Iron Man 3 - My favourite of the three because Tony really seemed to have grown without losing his sense of humour.
Thor: The Dark World - Marginally better than the first, only because the evil ones are still the most interesting here.
Captain America: Winter Soldier - Steve and I won't become friends, but I loved everyone else like Sam, Nat, Fury, Hill and Bucky.
Guardians of the Galaxy - This cosmic space opera with its crazy Racoon and Groot was my favourite of all the Marvel movies.
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Blegh, this was bad: too much action and way too many sappy moments that felt fake.
Captain America: Civil War - to come (have to wait until it's available on DVD as it is not running anymore)

I didn't watch The First Avengers and Hulk because they're unimportant for my writing plans. If the occasion arises, I'll take a look.


It's great to see all the Leviosa posts and how vivid my dash/feed has suddenly become. Oh, very important: Everyone who's been there at Leviosa and not here. Did you see [ profile] birdsofshore's Leviosa Leftouts Love-in post? Such a fabulous idea. I cried tears of laughter while reading through the comments. And imo we all have to admire Birds for facing that dice that ran 3s like nothing else. I case you've missed it, she had promised to write Haikus for thrice cursed 3s and she did. *kudos, kudos, kudos*


Ah, there was more, but I can't remember it atm. As it's late and this post is big enough I just wish you all a pleasant day or, in this case, a good night!
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I might have just signed up to write a MCU fic, a bang no less. Yupp, and though I'm asking myself in a crazy high-pitched voice "What have you done?", I'm looking forward to doing it.
Ah wait, I should tell you it's not going to be a story with Steve as a MC, so my Stony and Stucky flisters can relax - I won't harm the precious stars-and-spangled boy. No, I'm in for the more ambiguous and megalomaniac characters of Marvel, like Tony and Loki. Ups, that might just be the pairing. If you're not used to them, they're called ForstIron or IronFrost and, my, isn't that a charming name for a pair?

I read a few Marvel comics in my teenage days and have always loved the norse mythology because of Loki's ambivalent character. Then I took glimpses into the fandom because of [ profile] alby_mangroves gorgeous art, even though I didn't find my pairing for a while. Then I stumbled over some wonderful art by Artmetica ( for a fic named Winterheart by Goddamnhella. Let me asure you that was the most marvellous story I've read in a while.
It even made me forget about my dislike of action movies. Yep, I've started to watch the movies and can tell you that:
- I cringed my way through Thor. Wtf was Kenneth Branagh thinking? Or is this golden bling nonsense in Asgard Marvel's or Disney's fault?
- I loved the Avengers. Does anybody know that I lived a few years in Stuttgart? Laughed my arse of about that part and some others too.

Long story short. Let's hope I won't embarrass myself by writing my first MCU fic, the first story in AE (that's going to be strange), and from the pov of one of two geniuses even though I'm far from being one. Well, don't say I do anything by halves. Wish me luck!

Have a lovely Sunday y'all!
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Yesterday was my birthday and I have to thank all of my wonderful friends who shot me a message even though I'm not as much on LJ as I used to be:

[ profile] anemonen, [ profile] khalulu, [ profile] dragontara, [ profile] smirkingcat, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] germankitty, [ profile] sylvaticginger, [ profile] my_thestral, [ profile] jie_jie, [ profile] roelliej, and [ profile] besamislabios - all your lovely wishes brightened my day.

[ profile] shiftylinguini and [ profile] mab graced me with virtual gifts. So sweet, lovelies!
And my darling [ profile] candamira offered to watch 'Captain Americ - Civil War' with me when I've finally caught up with that universe, got me some Haribo smurfs (they are made of pectin instead of gelatine which is imo so much tastier), and we will go out dining next weekend. :D

Now I feel totally spoiled. Thank you so much!
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Hi lovelies!

We had a great week away from home and enjoyed another week off work. Man, we managed to do so many things from our fairly long to do list that I'm quite proud now, the holidays are coming to an end.

I've also managed to write something and am looking for a beta right now. Does someone have some time to bare all the mistakes in a short fic? It's under 1.5k, slash, and for a fest.

If you're all busy, I'd have to go and ask at the usual places, but I'd prefer to know the person that's going to dismantle my writing. My former betas are more or less absent from LJ nowadays, or very busy with their own things.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

ETA: I'm sorted. Thank you, Dig!
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The family and I will be away for a few days. Not sure how great the internet access at our place will be. Please stay healthy and happy!

Hugs and kisses <3
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Hi lovelies!

It's been a while and the world has turned green over here in the meantime. Nothing is more uplifting or helpful to get rid of the remaining residues of winter from the soul than sunshine and a clear blue sky. So, thanks to well-meaning weather deities I was out and about a lot:

  • I bought new Inline skates and it went better than I thought it would after nearly 10 years of not being on skates at all.

  • We, [ profile] candamira her daughter, mine and I, often meet on one of the playgrounds in our neighbourhood after kindergarten. It still ends sometimes in tears at the end of the day, but it goes so much better than last year. And it's so cute to see the two little ladies getting along, even though one is one and three quarter years older than the other.

  • Mr Kantorka and I reopened summer season with our favourite non-alcoholic drink: elderberry syrup, fresh basil leaves, lime juice, sparkling water and ice cubes. It's wonderfully refreshing and tastes great. Oh, and if you add Prosecco instead of fizz and mint leaves instead of basil you have a hip drink called Hugo. I shit you not. This stuff is well known as a summer drink in the whole country and comes originally from South Tyrol in Italy. We thought to name our own version but couldn't agree on a name so far. lol

Before I start to babble about fics, I want to send some big hugs and lots of positive energy to [ profile] capitu, whose kind spirit I miss terribly, and to [ profile] akatnamedeaster, who deserves more than hugs.

I've been a bit mia from reading H/D fics lately, because I found quite some other interesting things to read. These are some rare pairings and crossovers that kept me entertained:

  • For example Pawn Takes King by Lunavere. This fic is about John Watson and James Moriarty, and it is still occupying my mind even though it's been 3 weeks and I've read countless other things in the meantime. Beforehand I didn't even believe this pairing could work and, my, I was wrong.

  • Or this strangely captivating fic The Golden Queen by S_EER (Fritiriel) that's a mixture of a RPF and Anne McCaffrey's Pern. I'm currently waiting that the author finishes its sequel. And I'm not shy to admit that I loved it even though real person stories are normally not mine and there are probably a lot people more *ehm* sexy than Elijah Wood and Sean Astin (it might be just me though). Yet they were perfect as dragonriders and I'm still green with envy about the mind blowing idea of a male queen rider. Everybody who knows Pern knows what I'm talking about.

  • Don't get me started on all the weird things that can happen to our darling Harry Potter. You wouldn't believe where crossovers can take him. I found some entertaining stories where he's been thrown into Middle Earth and paired with this or that Tolkien character (I'm still not over the one with Haldir).
    Even more weird stuff happens when he's thrown into MCU and seriously the pairings here are mind-boggling. So far I've read Harry/Loki, Harry/Thor, Harry/Steve and at the moment I'm reading Harry/Tony. If someone sees Harry conquering other fandoms, please tell me.
    Some goes for Loki btw. I still have a fic on my tbr list where he goes on an adventure in Middle Earth as well. *rubs her hands*

  • Oh yes, and Hobbit Big Bang is finally posting on [ profile] hobbitstory and the first stories were fabulous. I've been looking forward to it for a while. :)

  • Bought an extern hard drive for my laptop so I can watch movies and series without banishing Mr Kantorka from the tv and his beloved football. The first thing I saw was Skyfall because I really needed to see Ben Wishaw as Q in action. I didn't expect much from the movie and was pleasantly surprised. Well, you can guess how this went. I had to read quite a lot 00Q fics afterwards. My favourites so far were the ones by Kryptaria and her partners in crime.

  • A last one. I've found a wonderful Harry/Tom fic which I nearly loved as much as did SweetSocery's The Love of a Good Wizard. People who write this pairing well are rare (imo). ToAStranger's love is touching souls (surely you touched mine) did a good job, despite the fic's weird (too long?) title.

  • This list is good evidence why I've been a bit absent. LOL
    I've wanted to talk about music too, but it's late, so that'll be a topic for another day.

    Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! <333
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Thanks everyone!
All the wishes for our kitty might have been heard.
The good news: It wasn't her kidneys.
The not so good news: She has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We changed her diet and she gets anti-inflammatory drugs (prednisone) every day now. She also showed signs of a Pankreatitis, but this was probably due to the bowel issue and her vomiting over some time. Her digestive enzyme levels are fine.
The best news: She likes her new diet which is mighty fine. Try to feed a kitty food they don't want to eat...and beware of the tiger unleashed. Since the change of diet she's stopped vomiting. Yay!
It'd be great if we could reduce the prednisone after some time. Taking corticosteroids for ages can be a double-edged sword as these drugs have a lot of side effects on their own. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself (again) and just relax, as she's really doing fine right now.

And because good news sometimes come in flocks I have to share this stunning picture I won on tumblr. I chose the pairing (Bagginshield) and the colours (Durin blue really suits them) and [ profile] camillo1978 did all the hard work. What an amazing work that is: look at all these muscles and how they emphasize the differences between them. I love how the light bathes their skin, and how lost they are in each other. Yes, I'm in love with this pic.

Oi, it's already late here and I have to stop.
Wish you a good night or day!

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Dear friends,

I'm very sorry for being on LJ only every once in a while. Until this afternoon I could have told you that I was following my feeds. But - *cringes in shame* - I've managed to delete my whole message board today. I was fiddling with the mobile on the playground and got distracted and the next thing I remember was pushing the okay button instead of 'get me the hell outta here'. Now it's too late and all your posts are gone from my dashboard. Well, at least the bookmarked posts are still there - thanks for small mercies.

The only unanswered and now lost message was the one by [ profile] besamislabios. Oh, now I'm even more happy about our chat last weekend, hon! It was fun and we really should do it again asap. :D

What I've been up to since my last post?

First of all, I haven't written anything at all during winter. The muse was absent, the cold made me very moody this year, and I was content to just read things. I didn't craft the gifts I still owe some people here, I didn't wrote more than a few recs, and every comment left here or elsewhere was an obstacle for me. At least I managed to talk to some of my friends and didn't abandon everyone.

The past months were really busy at work and whenever I had some free time I used it to just relax and do nothing at all. I can't see it getting any better in the future, but maybe I will be surprised. At least the job is still one I really like to do (even though our department's boss is a huge failure and not at all able to make things better).

Last week was Mr Kantorka's birthday and one of my presents for him was a dvd of this wonderful and stunning movie --> 'Searching For Sugar Man'. It's about the US-musician 'Rodriguez' who released two records in the early 1970s and when they didn't sell well went back to where he came from. What he didn't know, over the years his records became big hits in South Africa. It's a more or less true story and the Swedish director, who made the movie, won an Oscar in 2013 (documentary) for it. For someone who loves music and stories about music like I do, watching this movie is a big treat.

If you could cross your fingers for our cat this upcoming week, that'd be great. She needs to see the vet because she's vomiting all over the place (sometimes more sometimes less for one or two days). At first I thought she got a stomach bug, but it's been ongoing for too long now and I fear it's her kidneys (she's 12 years old). I've already put her on a phosphor-and-protein-reduced diet, which seems to help a bit, but we need to get her blood levels checked to see how bad it really is. Maybe it's something else, but I don't think so. And even though I don't practice anymore, I do remember how common kidney failure in older cats is.

Hope you and your loved ones are all well.
I'll try to not let another season pass before my next post. Take care!
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Title: Hand in Glove
Author: [ profile] birdsofshore
Artist: [ profile] shiftylinguini
Entry in: [ profile] hp_kinkfest 2016 for prompt Number: S14 (my prompt :D)
Kink Showcased: Glove kink
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: His fingers are cool and steady against my skin and I imagine I can smell the scent of leather on them already, expensive, addictive... but it's not enough. He traces the line of my jaw, tilts my chin up so that I'm looking into his eyes. “Should I put the gloves on?” He sounds playful, as if this is just a game between us. A bit of fun.

“Yes.” My voice is always hoarser than I expect. I never remember quite how deep the knife-twist of desire bites into me.

Why I loved it: The story is utterly delicious. I'm sure you'll never see leather gloves the same way again. You might have always thought gloves are there to warm your hands? So wrong. No, gloves are an item to pleasure, to lure, and to debauch you. At least if Draco wears them, they serve this purpose for Harry. I don't want to tell anything more about the why and how. Just be assured that their encounters around gloves are so hot that you might need a fan or icecubes to get your body's temperature back to normal. And the gorgeous art is of no help to keep the reader calm and composed. On the contrary the combination of fic and art is pure dynamite and should come with a warning. ;P So be warned and enjoy!
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[ profile] capitu, angel!
It's your birthday and even if your on your well deserved holiday, I wanted to post some well wishes today. All the best for your great day and hope your next life year will be a good one. I've been working on something for you, but it's going bumpy and it's looking far from how it should. Will try it further until I've managed and then I'm going to send it over together with something I just want you to have. You'll see. ♥
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Much love and all the hugs! ♥
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[ profile] come_at_once
a Sherlock Holmes multi-verse 24-hour porn challenge
sign-ups open until january 31st, 2016

Oh, I'd love to do this, but I'm super busy at work right now. On top the muse has left me again and I had to drop out from a fest (feel still bad about that). So, no way to sign-up. But some super awesome fics were written last year. Take a look. Maybe you'll be tempted?


Jan. 10th, 2016 04:17 pm
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Oh well, I'm a very bad online friend at the moment. It's not that I'm more busy than usual, no, I just don't feel the need to post or be that much online at all. I'm sure it will change again. At the moment I'm the happiest reading or just taking glimpses here and there. You know, I'm not ignoring my flist on purpose.

On to the important points.

  • First of all I have to thank [ profile] akatnamedeaster for my lovely Christmas card. It arrived last week and it's a wonderful card with Sirius/Severus surrounded by a mistletoe. Thank you very much, Kat! ♥

  • In case someone want to check out what I'm currently reading. It's one of the big fics in The Hobbitverse, Sansûkh by determamfidd. Everybody who reads Bagginshield fics recs it sooner or later and now I know why. I'm only 11% in, which is about 150 pages out of 1,200, LOL and it's like listening to an epic song or poetry in motion. It's as canon as it gets which is very interesting and kind of the clue here. I won't say more, but if you ever want to read an epos about Tolkien's world, you should give this one a try.

  • One of my prompts has been claimed and I'm really looking forward to reading that one. Yet, I have to tell you my most favourite is still unclaimed as are hundreds of other lovely and kinky prompts. I need to finish another story first. If that goes well, I'll claim something on short notice and write a naughty ficlet. I do have ideas. :D

    [ profile] hp_kinkfest
    Prompt Submission: 28 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
    Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: 6 January – 10 January 2016
    Posting: begins 1 February 2016

  • This song makes me happy. I love it's energy and dancing vibes and its positive message.
    Read more... )
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This list is work in progress. I'm working on my three Sherlock rec lists and one Harry Potter rec list at the moment. I'm planning to put fics of other HP pairings other than Harry/Draco into their own list and add other fics asap. In case you're wondering why I'm so slow at adding fics- most of the time I need to re-read my favourite parts or the whole fic, before/while/after working on its rec post.

John/Sherlock AUs - BBC
John/Sherlock 221b Baker Street - BBC, others planned
Sherlock/Threesomes (BBC and others) - different pairings around Sherlock and John

Harry/Draco - HP


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