Apr. 3rd, 2016

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Dear friends,

I'm very sorry for being on LJ only every once in a while. Until this afternoon I could have told you that I was following my feeds. But - *cringes in shame* - I've managed to delete my whole message board today. I was fiddling with the mobile on the playground and got distracted and the next thing I remember was pushing the okay button instead of 'get me the hell outta here'. Now it's too late and all your posts are gone from my dashboard. Well, at least the bookmarked posts are still there - thanks for small mercies.

The only unanswered and now lost message was the one by [livejournal.com profile] besamislabios. Oh, now I'm even more happy about our chat last weekend, hon! It was fun and we really should do it again asap. :D

What I've been up to since my last post?

First of all, I haven't written anything at all during winter. The muse was absent, the cold made me very moody this year, and I was content to just read things. I didn't craft the gifts I still owe some people here, I didn't wrote more than a few recs, and every comment left here or elsewhere was an obstacle for me. At least I managed to talk to some of my friends and didn't abandon everyone.

The past months were really busy at work and whenever I had some free time I used it to just relax and do nothing at all. I can't see it getting any better in the future, but maybe I will be surprised. At least the job is still one I really like to do (even though our department's boss is a huge failure and not at all able to make things better).

Last week was Mr Kantorka's birthday and one of my presents for him was a dvd of this wonderful and stunning movie --> 'Searching For Sugar Man'. It's about the US-musician 'Rodriguez' who released two records in the early 1970s and when they didn't sell well went back to where he came from. What he didn't know, over the years his records became big hits in South Africa. It's a more or less true story and the Swedish director, who made the movie, won an Oscar in 2013 (documentary) for it. For someone who loves music and stories about music like I do, watching this movie is a big treat.

If you could cross your fingers for our cat this upcoming week, that'd be great. She needs to see the vet because she's vomiting all over the place (sometimes more sometimes less for one or two days). At first I thought she got a stomach bug, but it's been ongoing for too long now and I fear it's her kidneys (she's 12 years old). I've already put her on a phosphor-and-protein-reduced diet, which seems to help a bit, but we need to get her blood levels checked to see how bad it really is. Maybe it's something else, but I don't think so. And even though I don't practice anymore, I do remember how common kidney failure in older cats is.

Hope you and your loved ones are all well.
I'll try to not let another season pass before my next post. Take care!


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