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Haven't done a pimping post in a while. Those are the fests I'm looking forward to the most at the moment.

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I've left out [ profile] hd_erised because I'm not sure that'll be able to read much of H/D in December. For one I'm still satiated from smoochfest and I've signed-up for Winter [ profile] holmestice for the first time. So, I'll be probably reading a lot of Holmes fics from different fandoms and with different pairings. I'm afraid, I've become an even bigger fandom hopper than last year and cannot read too many fics of one pairing.
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I have this plan in my head. It's sounds just perfect, but it'll be so hard to go for. Ok, the plan is to write my stories when I want them to (ergo no deadlines at all). So, I'm not signing up for anything on the HP fest front this second half of 2015 (if I can help it and resist all those terribly tempting banners and announcements).

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come join [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] thiliart, Banner by [ profile] capitu

Or this one (2014's silencio was the first fest I've ever signed-up for):
come join [ profile] hp_silencio!


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