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Ok, you might remember my rambling about not reading Work in Progress. Really, I hate it and try to avoid it like the plague. But, and that's a huge BUT, I love epistolary fics. There's been this one, (Dear John), where I missed the whole ordeal of real time posting and the back and forth between them.

And then I found Letters from Sussex by Sussex Bound actually on the day the first chapters were posted. And I loved some other fics by said author and just started and OMG...

Now, I try to be more coherent here.

Title: Letters from Sussex
Author: sussexboundSussex Bound
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: ~21,5k (after 40 chapters)
Tags: Epistolary, Retirementlock, takes place immediately post Season 5
Summary: In the wake of the Mary/Moriarty affair, John and Sherlock have fallen out, and are living apart. But Sherlock isn't content with this state of affairs--not one bit. He's tired of dancing around the obvious. The wooing of John Watson starts now!

Why I loved it: I just need to rec it. I mean, it started on the 16th of June and that's been only a week now, but my whole life is rotating around this fic. Do you think I'm exaggerating? Nope. See for yourself; I'm checking my phone first thing in the morning for nightly updates (thankfully there are always between 1-3). After indulging in those chapters I leave a more or less coherent comment on the latest chapter and bring myself uptodate with the comments from the crowd. During the afternoon (sussex bound's morning) an update is coming. Then I squeal with joy, stop everything I'm doing and ingrain the next part. If it's Sherlock's, I know I'll can swoon and melt into a puddle of goo. If it's John's, it depends on his mood (lately his emails/texts/ideas) make me flail too. Those two are wonderful! During the night I'll check my phone for AO3 notifications or (better) sb's tumblr for updates. So, that's how my days and nights go at the moment. I'm planning to keep this up as long as it takes those two to to get their HEA. And it's pretty visible from the nearly 1400 comments (at 23.50 pm June 23th CEST) that I'm not the only one.
But really, this story is written with such beauty. There are tender and kind parts and others are rough and hard to read. There's humour, anger, sadness, a cutepie of a dog, a cottage in Sussex, a flat in London, a friendship hanging by a threat (at least in the beginning) and so much love. It's worth every waiting minute, because it's such a joy at the same time. If you can stand a communication through letters, emails and texts and have the patience to read a WiP...what are you waiting for? Go and read it! I'm sure you'll love it.

Excerpt: (That's part of a message by Sherlock)

I have wanted you here from the start.

From the moment I laid eyes on this cottage, I knew it was for you. There is a bedroom on the ground floor. That is so uncommon in these old houses. I think that it must have been a morning room before, or something of the kind, and been converted later. But when I saw that room, I knew that it would be yours.

You will have no need to climb the steep, narrow staircase to the upper floors when your leg aches in poor weather. It’s why I took the room upstairs. I left that room waiting for you. It is yours John, or perhaps it could be ‘ours’ if you prefer.

There is the garden, of course. It is desperate for attention, and you always seemed to have a way with those little potted herbs at the flat. I imagine your skill in this area surpasses mine. It was barely more than intuition, but something seemed to call to me when I first saw it. ‘This is for John,’ some inner voice said.

You have a way with slightly wild and stubborn things. Everything yields to your skill and care, everything blooms beneath your touch. And soon you will be here, and we shall see...

Will I bloom beneath your touch? Oh, I think so. I long to find out. All the things I long to explore, to discover... So many things...

Will you let me tell you? You said you wanted to know.

I’m still unsure how much is too much, or if, perhaps, my desires are too simple to satisfy you. I want everything you have to give, and I want to give you everything you desire. You must tell me if I get it wrong. I will learn. We can learn one another together.

Do you know what I would like, when you are sure, when you are ready? I would like you to invite me to your bed. Not in the dark of night, but in the early morning, when that room of yours will be golden, and warm, with lace-shadows of the lilac leaves outside the window dancing against the pale, cream walls, and the sound of bird song drifting in from the garden. I want you to invite me to your bed, and I want you to let me worship you.
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Title: Bedtime Stories
Author: [ profile] nox_candidanox_candida
Pairing(s) John/Sherlock, John/Mary, implied John/Mary/Sherlock, Threesome M/F/M
Rating: R
Word Count: ~2800
Content/Warnings: All the sex is implied
Summary:It's Watson's birthday and Holmes and Mary ask for a story. Watson tells them about the time he fought a bear.
Notes: My first time writing ACD and Victoriana. Didn't have a chance to beta or Britpick this, so read at your own risk.

Why I loved it: Follow ACD's John on a tale about bears in India and enjoy the atmosphere the author created. Centred around John, who's having a lovely evening with Mary and Sherlock. I rated it R though we could discuss about that and PG-13 would probably fit as well. But you need to read between the lines and I assumed that sexual innuendo à la Victorian style count as an adult skill.

Title: The Experiment
Author: ColebaltBlue
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John/Greg
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8830
Content/Warnings: Polyamory, Threesome M/M/M, Holmestice
Summary: Sherlock Holmes decides to conduct a little experiment to see how many times he and his two lovers can orgasm in a 24 hour period. Because science.

Why I loved it: This fic. LOL. This fic is a lot of fun. Sherlock is so cunning while he is planning to make the most of 24 hours with both his lovers. They are in an established polyamory relationship and know each other by heart. So, this story is about the porn, but also sweet now and then. Sherlock is so determined to get them all going- he even feeds the transport without complaining for the experiment's sake. And he's doing this lovely statistics: who was sucked by whom, who wanked whom, who was sodding whom, or was sodded by whom. Of course I can't tell how it's going to end (no worries, they ARE ALL spent in the end) and this fic has a perfect ending on top.
One advice: Better read it on AO3 because of the mentioned stats. I'm not sure about those pics are being downloaded without loss of data. And one really needs them! It's not that long and can be easily read online.

Title: Under Control
Author: LapisLazuli
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John, Sherlock/John/Greg, Mycroft/Greg
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 47,118
Content/Warnings: Threesome fic not polyamory fic, Threesome M/M/M, Blow Jobs, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Breath Play, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk, Light Dom/sub, Come Play, Mildly Dubious Consent, Anal Sex, Anal Play, A Little Bit of Humor, A little bit of fluff, lots of hardcore sex
Summary: Lestrade walks into a supposedly empty room at St. Bart's Hospital and sees something he did not expect. Even more surprising is his own reaction.

Why I loved it: This is in my top three of hottest and best smut fics. Yep, it really is. Just thinking about its start makes me flush like a maiden and drool at the same time in anticipation. And it isn't even that explicit (that's coming later in the story, don't worry), but the atmosphere created in that scene is just so 'WOW, wait, wooooowwww'. And as I love dynamics- this story gave me dynamics to perfection. You know, John and Sherlock are in a safe and secure relationship here. Outside John is Sherlock's loyal sidekick, but that changes completely when they're in private. Greg is still dealing with the separation from his wife when he stumbles through that starting scene at Bart's. When Greg thinks he just imagined it, John and Sherlock offer him shelter- in form of an intimate friendship. And it's not only hot and sexy, it's also about comfort and helping Greg through rocky times. In time, when he's feeling whole again, he moves on (which is lovely in its own way).
I loved not only Greg's wonderful pov, but also John's and Sherlock's relationship- the reader only sees that through Greg's eyes, but somehow it's even more precious that way. It's a wonderful fic. And if you don't need them all three riding off into the sunset, you'll get a sexy and brilliant story here.
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Title: Working on the Edges
Author/Artist: [ profile] earlgreytea68
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (TV)
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Greg
Rating: R
Word Count: 56089
Tags: Olympics

No matter where you put Sherlock and John, they click. Including the Winter Olympics.
Read more... )
Oh, and Mr. Kantorka and I've started to watch the series today. It was a very bizarre and hilarious to see all the things from fics finally come to live on a screen. And even Mr. Kantorka, who don't mind slash at all, said those two were literally calling for it.
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As everyone around I'm reading a lot of H/D or other holiday fest fics at the moment. I'm really enjoying myself in doing so. Nevertheless, I'm quite obsessed with Sherlock fics too and got some withdrawal symptoms over these last days. Therefore I spontaniously did something really stupid. I just queezed a 200k series of phenominal fic into my reading schedule. Well, it's been a long time since I read through one day, one night, and another day, but I managed to finish the whole serie (Performance in a Leading Role by Mad_Lori). It was absolutely incredible and tbh I can't wait to read those fics again.

But now I'm back on track and will start the first really long [ profile] hd_erised fic. As I'm a bit knackered I might retire early for the night. Anyway, I'm feeling like a cat which got all the cream. :D

Happy reading!


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