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During my last post a vid link come up (Quand c'est?) which made me fall in love with Stromae's music. The musician has created some videos which are incredibly expressive and his lyrics are wonderful. The only sad thing...My French is too bad to understand all of it. But it's easy to look the lyrics of Tous Les Mêmes up, and to share this week's favourite music video of mine with you:

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Isn't he gorgeous doing those feminine parts? Even though he is so lanky and all sharp bones, I love how he goes all soft and ladylike when the lights turn pink. Well, and don't get me started on his cheekbone(s) covered with make-up. Gosh, I'm such a sucker for androgynous looking people, it's a bit embarrassing.

And now back to business. LOL

One of the 'archievements' in this day and age is Big Brother, which I would call a modern version of living hell, but others might call it a newer version of bread and circuses. At the moment I drive by an add which announces that the next round of madness starts this week in our country. To honour this 'historic event' I want to share a rec about a story in which Sherlock and John become contestants of the UK's Big Brother House.

Title: Big Brother Is Watching You
Author: [ profile] flawedamythystfavicon flawedamythyst
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,595
Content/Warnings: crack
Summary: Sherlock and John enter the Big Brother house.

Why I loved it: Be warned and don't read Big Brother Is Watching You somewhere where you have a reputation to lose. Because, you know, you're going to lose it. And you'll have a hell of a good time in doing so. This story will make you cry tears of laughter. It's absolutely hilarious and, yeah, it's a little piece of utter brilliance.
It's an old story and was published in 2011 after the first season aired. Therefore it takes place after The Great Game and 'the swimming pool' scene. Sherlock wants to keep John safe, so he and Mycroft persuade John to enter the Big Brother house. Well, let's just say that somehow Mycroft gets Sherlock to move into the house too. And with that the other contestants get a bit more than they can handle. Between Sherlock sulking on every available surface in the house, John being nice, John being not so nice when someone insults Sherlock, jam and cigarettes their relationship grows. I won't tell anymore because that would just spoil the fun.
I love the author's imagination and humour and can happily say that she has written a lot of fics. There are great long ones too, and this is 'just' a little gem among all the others, but it's more than enough to become a fangirl.
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Fest: [ profile] ron_draco_fest
Prompt: #20
Title: In The Field, on AO3
Author/Artist: current anon
Rating: NC-17
Type: Art
Medium: Traditional art, digitally coloured
Warnings or Content: Porn
Disclaimer: The wonderful world of Harry Potter belongs to the wonderful mind of Ms JK Rowling, we make no profit from playing
Notes: I admit the prompt would have been a great fic, but my muse wanted art.
Summary: Once out of school they both join the same professional Quidditch team, and as expected, neither did get along. However, behind all that hatred there lay something else, and one night on the field neither one could hold back.

Why I loved it:
This pic is stunning and I'm totally in love with Draco and Ron here. They are both so sexy and their tattoos- OMG, how did you, dear MA, know about them? LOL
Other things I love about it, randomly put together:
- the Quidditch goals in the background,
- that their skin tones match with their hair colours,
- the long!hair (there are seriously too little long haired boys in hp fandom),
- Draco's lean muscular body
- Ron's even more muscular body
- Ron's position (him resting on one elbow)
- Draco's hot blissful face
- Draco's pony tail and the sligtly visible claps

As soon as the artist will be revealed I need to beg them for an icon (though it'll be a tough choice between their heads and Draco's arse and snake tattoo). And, I'm feeling extra blissful here because I forgot about my prompt and didn't check if it's got claimed. It was such a treat to get the notification about it. MA, you're golden! Thank you! ♥


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