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[ profile] my_thestral, you wonderful, wonderful person!

Of course I have to say 'happy birthday' again on your actual birthday, darling! ♥
It's awesome that my gifts have reached you on time (yay, our mail service didn't f*** it up) and that you think I picked some good ones. :D

Please enjoy all the

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and lots of
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and have fun at the cinema later with
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Love and kisses! ♥
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Darling [ profile] gracerene!

Happy birthday and many happy returns!

You know, I didn't have time to write you something this year and I'm very sorry about it. But I've sent some tokens over and whenever your old userhead threatens to expire I hope you can extend it. They cut pages of them, so I'm not sure.

Wish you all the best, hon. Hope you're having a blast today.
May there be ...
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and ...
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Love and kisses! ♥
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[ profile] capitu, angel!
It's your birthday and even if your on your well deserved holiday, I wanted to post some well wishes today. All the best for your great day and hope your next life year will be a good one. I've been working on something for you, but it's going bumpy and it's looking far from how it should. Will try it further until I've managed and then I'm going to send it over together with something I just want you to have. You'll see. ♥
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Much love and all the hugs! ♥
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Dear [ profile] celestlyn!

Happy, happy birthday! I hope you're having a wonderful day with your family, friends, lovely presents and probably lots of good food - as it is Thanksgiving as well.
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Maybe you'll even find a few minutes to read a good book or story today - because reading leisurely at one's birthday is a gift in itself, isn't it?

Hugs and kisses!
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Hi [ profile] my_thestral!

Happy birthday, my dear!
You know what you're going to get for your birthday. Well, at least you know who will be its stars. :D
But as your b-day is today, I just had to sent something over. Now you can change your hairstyle or keep it as it is.

Oh, and look what a wonderful, old fanart I found on [ profile] ron_draco's LJ by [ profile] alex_zoe.
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Have a lovely day! ♥
*blews kisses*
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Lovely [ profile] gracerene!

Happy, happy birthday, darling! I hope you are having a wonderful day today with a cake and flowers, a good meal in even better company and some wonderful presents.
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As far as I can see my present arrived and could finally unwrap it. :D
It was such pleasure to make it with you in my mind. ♥

All my love!
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Dear [ profile] bloodisshrp!

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday with lots of presents, some cake, lovely friends and family around and all the things one wants for their b-day. Hope you like yellow...

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I sent over some LJ-tokens and hope you'll find a hooded or otherwise acceptable userhead.

*huggles you*
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Dear [ profile] birdsofshore!

I wish you the most wonderful and happy birthday! May there be sunshine, friends, family, presents, cake, flowers and fandom love. :D
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Hope you buy yourself a nice, crazy and colourful userhead with the LJ tokens I've sent over.
Lots of love,
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[ profile] writcraft, wonderful lady!

I wish you a lovely and happy birthday! Hope you're having a brilliant time and September has been on its best behaviour today. It was such a pleasure that we met in August, and it'd be awesome if we'll do that again. ♥
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Hugs and kisses!
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Lovely [ profile] lumosed_quill!

I wish you a happy and wonderful birthday! My there be love, cake, presents, flowers, family, stories and friends.

As always I put some flowers under the cut (and sent some LJ tokens for an userhead over).
Shannon, I'm sorry the flowers are not coloured. I hope it'll do. Sadly I haven't found the presenter with less clothes on. But it's great what comes up when one googles 'Harry Potter and flowers'. ;p
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Hugs and kisses!
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[ profile] lauren3210 darling!

Happy, happy birthday! ♥
I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family and friends. Didn't you mention a cake the past days? Let's hope there're are presents and flowers on top and everyone is happy to indulge your every whim.

You could pick a userhead with the tokens.
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Love and hugs and kisses!
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[ profile] akatnamedeaster!

Happy, happy birthday you wonderful person, Kat! I wish all the best and hope this new life year of yours will treat you much better than the passed one! Shouldn't be that hard, imo.

As you've already got some virtual gifts I've sent over a small amount of tokens. Should be enought to pick out a userhead you love for one year. Hope you'll like it.

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Hugs and kisses!
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Dear [ profile] blithelybonny,

Wish you a wonderful and happy birthday! Enjoy your day, your friends and family, the presents and all the things that should go smoothly today!
This is not the typical b-day pic (no flowers, cake or candles), but I do hope you'll like it and haven't seen it so far. The colours are so beautiful and ... yes, just take a look.
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You might not get a ping (since LJ changed their design it's not working anymore - at least not for me), but I hope you'll see.

All the hugs, hon! ♥
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Dear [ profile] huldrejenta!

I wish you the most wonderful birthday and hope you're having a fabulous day!

Hon, I'm so terribly sorry for not having written you anything. I started, but my Muse is so fickle at the moment that it was totally crab and didn't even make sense. Instead I send you some tokens, so you can go and buy an userhead after your liking. Just learned that those heads stay just one year at your profile, but at least you've got a little present. :D

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I'm sending love and hugs and kisses!


P.S.: I do hope next year the Muse is going to cooperate!
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First of all, the b-day ladies!

[ profile] earlgreytea68!
I adore your fics, I love your tumblr and will probably follow you into every fandom you'll ever seek out. Hope you are having a wonderful and happy birthday!!!

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[ profile] daleah!
Your art and icons (look at her Draco!) are always lovely to see. A happy birthday to you too!!!
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A year ago I posted my first little fic for Draco's b-day. I would have loved to honour the day with another story, but some friends from my home town visited over the weekend and I had no writing time at all. On top our wifi at home is still not working- which is a slight obstacle itself. (Mr Kantorka is ready to ship some glitter bombs to everyone at that company...).
But let's stay positive. I can't believe I've written seven stories on my own last year (one more is looming on the horizon) and three more in collab with [ profile] candamira. One way or the other all my stories were influenced by [ profile] iwao and Canda. I ♥ you!
[ profile] capitu, [ profile] gracerene[ profile] lauren3210 and [ profile] my_thestral were always supporting. I ♥ you too!

I'm still a very happy fandom girl! No matter where I took a look, everyone was open and friendly and supportive. If the real world were anything like our fandom world, most problems would melt away.

Last but not least, Canda and I are going to watch Fury Road tonight. Yay! I can't wait to see all those fantastic women in action.
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Happy birthday [ profile] this_bloody_cat and [ profile] disapparater! Hope you both have a great day. [ profile] dracomalfoy has a lovely pile of presents. Just grab them (am not sure if the b-day boy shares ;p).

Mr Kantorka's talked to our wifi provider, but they are lame and a small company (for some reasons we have a monopolist provider in our block). So, I'm not sure our wifi is up again this night. So, better a post from w**k.

Hugs and kisses! ♥
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It didn't go as planned with the promised birthday fic of yours. I wanted to write something for one of your gorgeous art pieces, but couldn't come up with more than 150 words during a whole weekend - including a 'writing Friday'. I re-wrote those bloody words around 7 or 8 times until I finally gave up. I whined into Canda's ears for days until she suggested to take another pic of yours. From that moment it was clear that we needed to write your b-day present together (~reasons- you'll see). And we did.

Happy birhtday, darling! I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family, friends and lots of presents (from all around the world). May this new year of your life be way better than the last has been! If I could, I would let rain flowers, sunshine and money (bank notes ;P) on you - like Mother Hulda in the fairy tale. I tried, but somehow still lack the power. ;P

Enough babbling, bebé! Here's your present:

For [ profile] iwao
Title: Sacrifice and Illusion (on AO3)
Authors: [ profile] candamira and [ profile] nia_kantorka
Pairing(s) Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Word Count: 3.113
Content/Warnings: Veela!Draco, stoned!Harry, humour (attempt at), frotting, bondage
Summary: One minute he’d been alone, the next Draco Malfoy stood before him, bare chested, in jeans and...with wings.
Inspired by: Sacrifice

Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] lauren3210 for beta-reading and to [ profile] this_bloody_cat, who helped to put the odds in our favour that you are going to like it.
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Dear [ profile] amorette!

Have a wonderful birthday, a great and sunny day, get lovely presents, eat some fancy cake and spend some good times with your friends and family!
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Sadly, I didn't manage to write two kinky fics for one day. But I'm sure, you'll have a lot of fun with Grace's moresome/gangbang fic. And - as I took a closer look at one of your darker fics today (Neither Stone Nor Iron, which was such a great story and should get much more kudos) - I think you might like the fic I wrote for Canda, too. It's dark, very short and twisted. Just an idea, of course.

I'm so happy that I've got to know you better over the last months, especially on your tumblr. You find so many awesome things. :D

Hugs and kisses! ♥
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Title: Boy, the Temptation (AO3)
Author: [ profile] nia_kantorka
Pairing: James Sirius/Scorpius
Word count: ~3200
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: underage (James is nearly 18, Scorpius 16), sex, no intercourse
Summary: James was the next twenty four hours alone with Scorpius Malfoy. That boy was pure temptation.

A/N: My lovely [ profile] capitu, I tried to write something new, but now I've got the cold I'd been fighting off for weeks. I've gritted my teeth and finished it today, because I really wanted to give you a present. It's probably not the best thing ever, but it's your favourite next gen pairing and I hope you'll like it.

It would be even less presentable if [ profile] iwao hadn't betaed it. She was impeccable, lighting-fast and wonderful! It's likely I've missed mistakes, and would be glad if someone points them out.

Boy, the Temptation )


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