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Well, I put it on my masterlist, but forgot to post it here on my LJ.
Even if you don't want to read about Harry getting his collar, go and take a look at the stunning art by [ profile] sylvaticginger.

Title: Such a Good Boy
Artist: [ profile] sylvaticginger
Prompt Number: #100 submitted by [ profile] leontinabowie
Kink Showcased Fic: Collar, Pet, Ownership, Praise, D/s
Kink Showcased Art: Pet, Ownership, D/s, Collar (implied)
Rating Fic: NC-17
Rating Art: R
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: You are used to being a pet, but not to getting beautiful new collars.
Warnings/Content Notes: Kinks, BDSM, Sexual Content, Slash, Nudity, EWE
Medium Art: Pencil, Paper
Word Count Fic: ~3,8k

Author's Notes:
Dear leontinabowie,
I hope you like this little story devised around your wonderful prompt. As it happens, I bought some art on fans4fans by sylvaticginger. She agreed to draw a scene for this particular fic. I feel blessed that my fic is accompanied by such a stunning picture! And I’m very happy it’s now out for the world to see.
Thanks to my fabulous alpha and beta reader triad capitu, candamira and iwao. Without you ladies, I would be lost.
Thank you, sylvaticginger, my lovely friend!

On AO3 and on LJ.

Thanks to everyone who left such wonderful comments! ♥


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