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Tbh, I loved a lot of this year's 225 Career Fair prompts (at [ profile] hd_fan_fair) and could have easily picked ten ore more to write a thing about, but this one, about Harry being his own lookalike, just hooked itself into my mind even before claiming began.
I NEEDED to write it.

Next to the smut I had the most fun creating some hilarious ads (with a lot of mad cackling on the way). So, thank you, [ profile] capitu darling, for all the inspiration and your help on the way.
Btw, I couldn't believe my own stupidity to manage to stay incognito during months of conversation but nearly revealing myself in the notes. *headdesk*

It was awesome to see all the lovely comments and get so many kudos on AO3. ♥ ♥ ♥ You can see, I'm still such a newbie because I'm thrilled to bits by the whole being-an-author-thing.
Replys are coming soon!

Title: Looking Like Harry Potter
Author: [ profile] nia_kantorka
Prompt: # 69
Rating: NC-17
Career Choices: Harry: Harry Potter lookalike; Draco: Dad, he administers the Malfoy funds
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Ginny/Pansy
Warnings/Content Notes: none
Summary: Some times after the war Harry has started to work as his own lookalike at birthday parties for children. His next appointment: Scorpius Malfoy's 7th birthday at Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire. Bugger.
Word Count: 9k
Autho's Notes: This one is for you, my dear [ profile] capitu!I had so much fun working with your lovely prompt, and writing this story for you. I really hope the boys did as you wish. Many thanks to [ profile] iwao for doing the most amazing beta job ever. You found the – terrible and the funny mistakes with your hawk's eyes and I loved your explanations. Bebé, you're the best! All remaining faults are mine. My darlings, Nina, [ profile] candamira, and [ profile] capitu (hihihi), thank you for dealing with my whining and for cheering on the way. Love you all!
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H/D Career Fair at [ profile] hd_fan_fair
starts tomorrow!

36 days of posting
36 fics (perhaps more)
11 works of art
3 fic-art works
2 fanvids
1 podfic

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


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