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The first one is an entry of [ profile] sshg_giftfest and - yep, that's far from my usual slash pairings - but who cares when art and story are as wonderful as here. Really, don't let yourself be put off by the pairing or that it's het or whatever reason you might come up with. Just take a look and laugh your arses off about the brilliant innuendo, the artist's charming style, and the whole amazing idea. Please go, and look at this treat here:

Title: Farmer Granger and the Most Glorious Cock
Author/Artist: Anon
Pairing: Snape/Granger
Rating: M
Word Count/Art Medium/Craft Material: 611 words/digital painting
Warnings: Out of control whimsy
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Hyper-competitive Farmer Granger desperately needs to find a glorious cock.
Author's Note: Thank you to my Most Glorious Beta, K, who unfailingly and gently nudged me in the best direction.


Next I wanted to point out the series of advent drabbles by [ profile] earlgreytea68. I was on time and able to leave one of the 24 prompts. Yay.

So, here's Advent drabble #16 - Game (Arthur/Eames)
The drabble is fabulous and I'm in awe how the author managed to show their personalities in such few words, all the while they're playing a children's game. I shouldn't have been surprised as EGT has written and writes the most gorgeous things. If you're familiar with Inception or Sherlock fandom I don't have to tell you more. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go and read the drabble. It's worth it. :D


As you can see from today's icon I need to balance all the fluffy holiday fics currently posting with some bloody and gruesome stuff...and found the perfect fandom to do so. Haha. You can ease your way into it by reading non-cannibalistic fics first, but even those are kind of 'murder husbands' stories. I passed that threshold pretty fast and can say it's all great fun. No, I don't have any strange cravings, but I can't resist smart people (no matter what they're up to) and Hannibal and Will both are very much so, and mad, but that's part of their appeal.

Apart from fandom I'm fighting to get ready for Christmas: Posted the last international holiday cards this morning and hope they'll reach their destinations on time. Had a succesful Christmas shopping trip and found things for everyone except one person (have to brainstorm with Mr Kantorka about that one). My usual pre-Christmas panic decreased linear with every find. Have to pack more parcels to be posted, but as those won't leave the country they all should be fine when send out on Monday.

Now I need to go and spend some time with someone's lovely Harry and Draco and hope you're gonna have a lovely weekend! *waves*

P.S.: The first pretty cards reached me and I'll write a proper thank you post after Christmas. They are all placed on my desk and make me smile whenever I sit there.


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