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Wow, my LJ is buzzing with post-Leviosa posts and other activities and I just jump on the bandwagon and share some thoughts I had, things I did, and people I want to hug.

The important part first:

[ profile] huldrejenta, it's your birthday, hon! I hope you've been having a wonderful day with your family and friends. I'm sending big hugs and little things that hopefully bring joy. ♥


[ profile] my_thestral, you darling you! I couldn't believe my eyes, but you really sent me a Hogwards postcard from London. Gosh, I could just kiss you. Thank you very much! Luv u. ♥


As a side effect of my idea to write a Frostiron fic in MCU I've started to watch nearly all the movies. Let's try a one sentence résumé of each of them:

Iron Man - Even though Tony was an ass, I loved his sass.
Iron Man 2 - Less drones and more plotline would have been better.
Thor - A poor performance of nearly everyone, director inclusive, except Loki who saved that movie.
Avengers - Thought I got to see something like this all the time: witty dialogues, action, and lots of fun.
Iron Man 3 - My favourite of the three because Tony really seemed to have grown without losing his sense of humour.
Thor: The Dark World - Marginally better than the first, only because the evil ones are still the most interesting here.
Captain America: Winter Soldier - Steve and I won't become friends, but I loved everyone else like Sam, Nat, Fury, Hill and Bucky.
Guardians of the Galaxy - This cosmic space opera with its crazy Racoon and Groot was my favourite of all the Marvel movies.
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Blegh, this was bad: too much action and way too many sappy moments that felt fake.
Captain America: Civil War - to come (have to wait until it's available on DVD as it is not running anymore)

I didn't watch The First Avengers and Hulk because they're unimportant for my writing plans. If the occasion arises, I'll take a look.


It's great to see all the Leviosa posts and how vivid my dash/feed has suddenly become. Oh, very important: Everyone who's been there at Leviosa and not here. Did you see [ profile] birdsofshore's Leviosa Leftouts Love-in post? Such a fabulous idea. I cried tears of laughter while reading through the comments. And imo we all have to admire Birds for facing that dice that ran 3s like nothing else. I case you've missed it, she had promised to write Haikus for thrice cursed 3s and she did. *kudos, kudos, kudos*


Ah, there was more, but I can't remember it atm. As it's late and this post is big enough I just wish you all a pleasant day or, in this case, a good night!


Jan. 10th, 2016 04:17 pm
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Oh well, I'm a very bad online friend at the moment. It's not that I'm more busy than usual, no, I just don't feel the need to post or be that much online at all. I'm sure it will change again. At the moment I'm the happiest reading or just taking glimpses here and there. You know, I'm not ignoring my flist on purpose.

On to the important points.

  • First of all I have to thank [ profile] akatnamedeaster for my lovely Christmas card. It arrived last week and it's a wonderful card with Sirius/Severus surrounded by a mistletoe. Thank you very much, Kat! ♥

  • In case someone want to check out what I'm currently reading. It's one of the big fics in The Hobbitverse, Sansûkh by determamfidd. Everybody who reads Bagginshield fics recs it sooner or later and now I know why. I'm only 11% in, which is about 150 pages out of 1,200, LOL and it's like listening to an epic song or poetry in motion. It's as canon as it gets which is very interesting and kind of the clue here. I won't say more, but if you ever want to read an epos about Tolkien's world, you should give this one a try.

  • One of my prompts has been claimed and I'm really looking forward to reading that one. Yet, I have to tell you my most favourite is still unclaimed as are hundreds of other lovely and kinky prompts. I need to finish another story first. If that goes well, I'll claim something on short notice and write a naughty ficlet. I do have ideas. :D

    [ profile] hp_kinkfest
    Prompt Submission: 28 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
    Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: 6 January – 10 January 2016
    Posting: begins 1 February 2016

  • This song makes me happy. I love it's energy and dancing vibes and its positive message.
    Read more... )
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God, it's horrifying this plane crash in the French Alps. The flight was on its way from Barcelona to my hometown, which makes it worse for me- seeing all the pictures from an airport I really know.
Of course we all know that plane rides are a very safe means of transport, that's why something like this comes out of the blue, doesn't it?

And it had to happen today of all days. My sister-in-law would have turned 30 today. She died nearly five years ago from lung cancer. Thinking about her and all the people who lost a child, a relative, a loved one or a friend today, hurts and makes me feel hollow.

But my lovely friend, Mab, has some second sight powers. She is writing this wonderful ask-meme ficlet series and yesterday 'mine' was posted. As if she knew, I would need some cheering up today. *big hugs*

If you know a thing about the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, you should really check it out. If not, check it out nonetheless! Mab's writing is awesome as always. What do you need to know? Nico has a crush on Percy during parts of the series. Percy is happy in a relationship with Annabeth though. They are demi-gods and fighting monsters from Greek or Roman mythology most of the time. :p

Title So Close and Yet So Far
Author/Artist [ profile] mab
Fandom The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan
Pairing(s) Nico di Angelo/Percy Jackson
Rating R
Word Count 2034
Summary Percy's trying his best to show Nico he wants to be friends, to accept him, but the way Percy does it feels a lot like flirting.


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