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I did a lot of fandom things in May:

  • I managed to post 27 out of 31 days in May. My life isn't that interesting, so it was quite a suprise that I found so many things to talk about. Hope it wasn't too boring.

  • Mmh, everytime I look at [ profile] snowgall's (Links here for her f-list) top/bottom spreadsheet there are new fics empty in the top/bottom column in 2012? I'm sure nobody wants to mess with my head, but I'm also sure I read 24 of the 26 fics I wanted to add (and screened the other 2). You know, the data of 51 of 77 were already in before I started...
    Friends, please be careful. I just realised that one can easily erase some data. Just saying, because it nearly happend to me, and well, there is still information missing on 5 fics though I have entered some more information these past two days.

  • Yes, I've read a lot of Harry/Draco fics from 2012 holiday fest inbetween all my Sherlock and Inception and Avenger and whatnot fics- and enjoyed it very much. LOL Even left some comments and kudos on the ones I really liked though I'm not sure the author's will see soon. It felt good to do so. :D

  • I managed to write one and a half b-day fics- one for my lovely friend [ profile] candamira (Victor and Victims) the other with her (Sacrifice and Illusion). I'm really grateful for the feedback they both got.


banner by star_sailor13
2015 Smoochfest - Songspiration

is coming! Posting starts tomorrow! Yay.

Without a pretty banner, but [ profile] holmestice starts posting too on the 1st of June.
June will be a great reading month!
♥ ♥ ♥
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God, it's too late. I've developed a huge crush on a third fandom aka third main ship - Arthur/Eames from Inception. I had a first crush after I read Pet by [ profile] ladyvader. It's got tremendously bigger since I've started reading [ profile] earlgreytea68's Inception fics. That way I found her link to knackorcraft's Inception Guide For Beginners. And now I'm lost. Those lists. All the fics on them all brilliant (at least the ones I've read so far). So, yes, I blame EGT too. ;p
Best time ever for getting the knack of another fandom with some big fests starting in my other most beloved fandoms. *shackes head at herself*
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I've seen this rec by [ profile] swissmarg on tumblr today on this wonderful little Sherlock/Matrix fusion fic. And, as I just asked myself what to write about today, you can deal with me swooning over John as Neo and Sherlock as Trinity now. ;p

Title: In the Region of Sight
Author: thatworldinvertedthatworldinverted
Pairing(s) John/Sherlock, Mycroft/Greg
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: 13,389
Content/Warnings: Crossover, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Dystopia, Blow Jobs

You have shown me a strange sight, and they are strange prisoners.

In which John has his world turned upside down, right side up, and upside down again, Sherlock wears a lot of vinyl, and they just might save humanity.

Why I loved it: This version of Matrix is told from John's (aka Neo's) pov. It's set in London (of course) and John is such a great The One here, because he refuses to even try to be special in any way. I always thought that's the way to become just that for a hereo/heroine. I loved how unruffled he was by all the events, well, except by meeting Sherlock.

Of course Sherlock would get to John. Just think about Sherlock wearing a lot of skin tight vinyl (and leather). He's Tritinty and has to. (I wish someone would draw this. LOL) Well, his name is not Trinity and not Sherlock either. Nope, won't tell. Go and see for yourself! Oh, Mycroft and Greg have some great names too, and Agent Smith was as creepy as always.
There were more lovely ideas spread over those few words (~13k is not that much for a fusion). And I really, really hope the author will finish her sequel someday (which apparently is still lying unfinished in a drawer/folder). It was a wonderful story though and I loved how good all the characters and details of Sherlock matched with the Matrix universe.
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Thanks for all the well wishes for our little one! She has still fever- thankfully under 39°C (no medication necessary) but isn't nauseous anymore. So, I'm mostly online via mobile and not really writing things or commenting properly because it's just a nuisance on the phone.

But I had some lovely reading time while we lay on the sofa or bed together (and she grabbing my hand like a limpet) these last days. And man, I've had some luck with the chosen fics recently:

- It all started with the wonderful Sherlock fic 'The Edinburgh Problem' by snorklepie (rec is here, 2nd last)

- Then I read this great story on [ profile] hp_mhealthfest 'The Butterfly Effect' by current anon. Seriously, go and take a look at that adorable Ron and how he is going to help a cursed Draco.

- Oh, then came 'The Gilded Cage' by BeautifulFiction. Yes, this is me reccing another Alpha/Omega fic. It's such a complex story with a rogue society, some great ideas on Alpha/Beta/Omega biology, a very intruiging case - at least for me as a scientist - which maybe distracts a bit from the MC's relationship at first but becomes so much more over time. So, watch it while reading! :D
I gutted this 327k fic in 3,5 days and am still in awe about it (need to write a proper rec soon).

- And one more. Inception this time. Or an Inception/Nothing Hill fusion to be more precise. 'I Seem to Be a Verb' by Aja (Bookshop on tumblr). You see. There's Arthur with his Nothing Hill bookstore and one day Eames (the big actor) shows up and grabs a book Arthur never wanted to sell. And I learned some things about architecture, three-word-book-titles, Buckminster Fuller and movies I've never heard of. This fic was 93k of gold.

I'm reading a Merlin football AU at the moment told from Arthur's pov- 'There are no Gays in Football' by Malu_3. It's so cool to read finally about a sport I know a lot about. And yes, I can feel the heartbreak looming (it's 210k long and I'm just 18% in).

Well, it's still some days until Smoochfest and Holmestice start posting...

Hope you are all well! I try to answer my messages soon...
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The little one catched a stomach bug - high fever and vomiting (into beds) included. So, this is going to be another short post and not a happy one either.

On the plus side I had a lot of time to read and finish my long fic and even read two shorter ones and a 44k one on top. Please, cross your fingers that the night won't bring another sheet-changing-event. Thank you!
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Sorry, I'm very busy reading this great story at the moment. I'll be back asap.
At least I managed to write one message today. Oh, and replied to some comments.
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Congrats Ireland and well done! I saw all the posts about people heading home. And they did it; a majority voted (1,201,607 versus 734,300) for equal marriage rights for everyone. It's even more impressive when you take into account that Roman Catholic is the religion of over 84% (due to the census 2011).
I know there is still a long way to go, but it's a fantastic signal and another step into the right direction!

Yesterday Mr Kantorka and I celebrated our 6th wedding annivesary and we met for a lovely lunch and just enjoyed each others company.

One of my favourite Sherlock authors posted the last chapter of her current fic (it's 327k long and I'm 17% in and already so in love with those two - The Gilded Cage by BeautifulFiction).

Mr Kantorka and I are currently listening to The 60th Eurovision Song Contest and we are already cackling like lunatics. God, it's always ridiculously funny- especially with the life feed from twitter. My favourite so far - Estonia (after 7 songs out of 27, but that can change any minute).
ETA: Oh, in case you think I'm terribly rude here - it's a big tradition in our family to make fun of the whole thing (we even did that in 2010 when Germany won the contest - Lena's accent was as wonderfully horrible as mine is ;P).
I like Australia too. Though I'm not sure if one can vote for them as they are just attening once for this jubilee.
Mmh, all in all it wasn't that funny or spectacular this year. Too many ballads.
Last but not least, I still think Conchita's voice is amazing.
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It didn't go as planned with the promised birthday fic of yours. I wanted to write something for one of your gorgeous art pieces, but couldn't come up with more than 150 words during a whole weekend - including a 'writing Friday'. I re-wrote those bloody words around 7 or 8 times until I finally gave up. I whined into Canda's ears for days until she suggested to take another pic of yours. From that moment it was clear that we needed to write your b-day present together (~reasons- you'll see). And we did.

Happy birhtday, darling! I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family, friends and lots of presents (from all around the world). May this new year of your life be way better than the last has been! If I could, I would let rain flowers, sunshine and money (bank notes ;P) on you - like Mother Hulda in the fairy tale. I tried, but somehow still lack the power. ;P

Enough babbling, bebé! Here's your present:

For [ profile] iwao
Title: Sacrifice and Illusion (on AO3)
Authors: [ profile] candamira and [ profile] nia_kantorka
Pairing(s) Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Word Count: 3.113
Content/Warnings: Veela!Draco, stoned!Harry, humour (attempt at), frotting, bondage
Summary: One minute he’d been alone, the next Draco Malfoy stood before him, bare chested, in jeans and...with wings.
Inspired by: Sacrifice

Thanks to the wonderful [ profile] lauren3210 for beta-reading and to [ profile] this_bloody_cat, who helped to put the odds in our favour that you are going to like it.
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Well, today [ profile] akatnamedeaster linked to a vid of Waiting for the Sun by The Doors. It put a huge smile on my face and I had a blasting good time to listen to a Doors concert while working (worked very well to keep my focus on the text about vitamins and other dietary supplements :D).

God, f-list, I had the most embarrassing crush on Jim Morrison as a teenager (yes, the man died before I was born). Tbh, I had more than one crush at that time- at least all others weren't on bones and humus. ;p
Guess who bought bootcut Levi's in thrift shops or on flea markets while Grunge style was in? Yepp, I had a good time embracing my inner hippie. Mr Kantorka is convinced that my choice of colours in clothes (very bright) is often a residue from that time. LOL

Ok. Bonus points to everyone who knows which Doors song is quoted in this post's title (no googling allowed ;P).
God, I had fun searching for this particular icon. :D

P.S.: Kat, I hope you'll read this and it gives you some positive vibes back. Have a wonderful Misti Con!
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It took me days to do this meme on tumblr, but I've finally managed.
And as I'm very lazy today, I just take the link and post it here-
If you are on my f-list here, but we haven't found us on tumblr, feel free to harass me into following you. :D
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I've been quite busy these days. I managed to finish something, to write a review and to start something else. Ok, I didn't post every day, but think 15 out of 17 days in May is not that bad.

And I just realised that I put myself under more pressure than necessary. This last fest I've signed-up for is due late July. For unknown reasons I thought the fic had to be submitted in mid June. Must be some other fest schedule that got stuck in my brain. Such a nice surprise! But I was so attuned to writing today that I just did...first 'scene' is finished and I have an idea where to go from now on. So, yes, I should write more often without a tight schedule or any schedule at all. :D
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Today I've seen people from my f-list asking questions about words and their use and thought, that's cool. Because I wanted to ask something for a while but always forgot about it.

It's about one line from the lyrics of Polaroid by Imagine Dragons.

What it the meaning of I'm a day late two face?

I can think about a few things for two face; the Roman God of two faces Janus, the comic figure two-faces from Gotham City or someone being that way - showing two different faces to the world. But all of it doesn't fit with day late (at least not for me).

So, if someone knows what they are talking about, please share your knowledge.
Thank you! <3
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Today's a holiday here. Though it's also Father's Day the holiday is due to our Christian roots aka Ascension Day. Though I'm not very religious (even though my upbringing was a traditional Catholic one due to my grandparents), I really appreciate all the holidays around Whit weekend.

Just if you have never thought about it (I learned that as a 10-year-old and still know this stuff - astonishing thing a brain): Easter is the Sunday after full moon after the beginning of spring, Whit Sunday is 50 days later (in German it's called Pfingsten which is closer to its Greek name pentekoste = fifty). Ascension Day is 10 days before Whit (which makes it always a Thursday) and Corpus Christi is always 10 days after Whit (always Thursdays too and another holiday here).

So, even if I don't like the bigotry and dogmatism of the Christian church (in general), I love that we still celebrate some dates that haven't changed for about fifteen hundred years now. Yeah, I know Jesus lived about two thousand years ago, but it took some time for his message to reach our country and even longer to persuade the Teutons to put their old religion aside. I think Mohammed's message travelled faster (as he lived 600 years later but around 1000 CE trouble between both religions had already started and both were quite settled).

Ok, enough religious stuff for today.

I read a brilliant and oh-so-sad story today. I knew it would be both- brilliant because it's from of my favourite authors (and fic authors) Mad_Lori/Jane Seville and oh-so-sad because it's a story about Sherlock who's dying here. I need to write a rec about it. On second thought, probably everyone who reads Sherlock fics has heard about Alone On the Water and it doesn't need to be recced anymore. I'm glad, I finally felt the need to read this wonderful, breathtaking and heart-wrenching story. But, God, it will probably be a while before I'm over it.
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Sorry, I'm busy in RL and I feel a bit torn about what to do first online. So, I did other things and didn't manage to write a post yesterday. Even today I've thought about skipping my post again, but than I thought that's not the right attitude. ;p

Did I do something interesting today? Oh yes, at least imo. I researched on a vet medicine topic at work. That's always a highlight for me (being a vet who doesn't work as one anymore). But we really answer all the questions about cancer. Even when someone thinks about using goat milk or camel pee for therapy. Or they need some information about a therapy for their animal. Today it was about a therapeutic vaccine for a semi-malign skin cancer in horses.

And yes, people ask crazy things sometimes, but - let's be honest - we would too, when looking for the one treatment that must help and kill this devil of a disease. I wish we could always name such a treatment. I really, really do!
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I bought this t-shirt in a girls version (tee, not the kiss ;p).

And my wonderful little daughter asked me 'Are these Draco and Harold?' (she has problems with the name Harry LOL)
Oh my god, I laughed my arse off. We watched some fanart together some time ago (during hd_fanart fest) and now she thinks all guys kissing are Harry and Draco.

It will be fun when she sees her first gay couple kissing and going to ask them if they are Harry and Draco. And what she'll be thinking about canon Harry and Draco, when she's old enough to read HP. Lot's of great things I'll probably see happening sooner or later. At least I have some years to brace myself before she wants to read my fics.

And yes, of course I pulled this lovely little child into a mummy bear hug. :D
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Dear [ profile] amorette!

Have a wonderful birthday, a great and sunny day, get lovely presents, eat some fancy cake and spend some good times with your friends and family!
Read more... )
Sadly, I didn't manage to write two kinky fics for one day. But I'm sure, you'll have a lot of fun with Grace's moresome/gangbang fic. And - as I took a closer look at one of your darker fics today (Neither Stone Nor Iron, which was such a great story and should get much more kudos) - I think you might like the fic I wrote for Canda, too. It's dark, very short and twisted. Just an idea, of course.

I'm so happy that I've got to know you better over the last months, especially on your tumblr. You find so many awesome things. :D

Hugs and kisses! ♥
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I need to sneak up that meme currently going on (first seen at [ profile] kitty_fic's or [ profile] akatnamedeaster's LJ).

What I'm reading:
Anytime by [ profile] silentauror
A River Without Banks by Chryse, I wish I had more time for that. It's about 200k and nothing one can read inbetween.
all the ongoing fics by [ profile] lomonaaeren

What I'm modding:
I would have to skip sleep, if I start to mod on top of all the things.

What I'm thinking about:
- To watch out for BeautifulFiction finishing her The Gilded Cage- only the epilogue is missing and I'm really looking forward to reading that fic. [ profile] blithelybonny is reading it and everyone else is over the moon about it too.
- I'm not doing [ profile] hd_collab, but am collaborting with the still mostly absent [ profile] sylvaticginger. We've already started messaging back and forth, but are not rushing things.
- A b-day present for a beloved LJ friend.
- A b-day present for another beloved LJ friend.
- My [ profile] fortheloveofhp that I really should start to write.
- That I need to write less and read more. Seriously, I get cranky when I can't read enough.

What I'm creating:
The second b-day present comes next.

What I'm watching:
Nothing. I'm a lost case when it comes to watch things; like 4-5 films at the cinema, maybe another 2-3 at home/with [ profile] candamira and once in a while an episode of a series- all of that per year.
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At work I screen lots of medical newsletters on a daily basis. Today I've stumbled over 'The State of the World's Mothers 2015' report. It compares the conditions of/for mothers all around the world (179 countries were included into the stats).

You find data about mother's health, mortality of children (under the age of 5), education, income and the influence women/mothers have in their countries (political status).

The best conditions to live have mothers in
1. Norway
2. Finnland
3. Iceland
4. Denmark
5. Sweden
6. Netherlands
7. Spain
8. Germany
9. Australia
10. Belgium

France takes place 23 in the ranking, the UK #24 and the US #33. And for some other friends who might be interested; Slovenia #15, Austria #11, Slovakia #34 and Bolivia #88. Worst are the conditions for mothers or children in Somalia #179.

It's really intersting though very frightening to learn the absolute numbers here.
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Yeah, when I have nothing to talk about, let's pick music (or books or fics;p) as a topic.

One of my favourite songs since 2010:

When it came out we (Mr Kantorka and I) were on our honeymoon in New Zealand. Like clockwork it was always played on the radio in the car while we drove and drove and drove - across the South Island and across the North Island. We both still think the song has a wonderful beat and even 5 years later it's able to put me in a good mood.


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