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The first one is an entry of [ profile] sshg_giftfest and - yep, that's far from my usual slash pairings - but who cares when art and story are as wonderful as here. Really, don't let yourself be put off by the pairing or that it's het or whatever reason you might come up with. Just take a look and laugh your arses off about the brilliant innuendo, the artist's charming style, and the whole amazing idea. Please go, and look at this treat here:

Title: Farmer Granger and the Most Glorious Cock
Author/Artist: Anon
Pairing: Snape/Granger
Rating: M
Word Count/Art Medium/Craft Material: 611 words/digital painting
Warnings: Out of control whimsy
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to JK Rowling and associates. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Hyper-competitive Farmer Granger desperately needs to find a glorious cock.
Author's Note: Thank you to my Most Glorious Beta, K, who unfailingly and gently nudged me in the best direction.


Next I wanted to point out the series of advent drabbles by [ profile] earlgreytea68. I was on time and able to leave one of the 24 prompts. Yay.

So, here's Advent drabble #16 - Game (Arthur/Eames)
The drabble is fabulous and I'm in awe how the author managed to show their personalities in such few words, all the while they're playing a children's game. I shouldn't have been surprised as EGT has written and writes the most gorgeous things. If you're familiar with Inception or Sherlock fandom I don't have to tell you more. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go and read the drabble. It's worth it. :D


As you can see from today's icon I need to balance all the fluffy holiday fics currently posting with some bloody and gruesome stuff...and found the perfect fandom to do so. Haha. You can ease your way into it by reading non-cannibalistic fics first, but even those are kind of 'murder husbands' stories. I passed that threshold pretty fast and can say it's all great fun. No, I don't have any strange cravings, but I can't resist smart people (no matter what they're up to) and Hannibal and Will both are very much so, and mad, but that's part of their appeal.

Apart from fandom I'm fighting to get ready for Christmas: Posted the last international holiday cards this morning and hope they'll reach their destinations on time. Had a succesful Christmas shopping trip and found things for everyone except one person (have to brainstorm with Mr Kantorka about that one). My usual pre-Christmas panic decreased linear with every find. Have to pack more parcels to be posted, but as those won't leave the country they all should be fine when send out on Monday.

Now I need to go and spend some time with someone's lovely Harry and Draco and hope you're gonna have a lovely weekend! *waves*

P.S.: The first pretty cards reached me and I'll write a proper thank you post after Christmas. They are all placed on my desk and make me smile whenever I sit there.


Nov. 9th, 2016 08:21 am
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What news to wake up to.

Tbh, I'm not surprised. Yes, of course I hoped for the best which means Clinton as a lesser of two evils. Looks like that's not gonna happen.

My gran always says "history repeats itself" - not in the same settings, but in general. Societies rise, have a peak, and then ... fall. Just look at the Pharaos or the Romans, and if that's not enough ... look at our ugly German history. We were lucky last time, because our country and its people weren't totally destroyed by the victorious countries.
Before WW II Germany was in a similar state like many countries (like the US) are in today. There were "Golden Twenties", but actually only a rich minority enjoyed these days. Most were fighting against recession, for their jobs and to just live a normal life. Then someone came along who made big promises, who wanted to "make things right" and "our country great again". If you listened carefully, he also spoke about his plans in all details and how he would do it all. Well, the world saw. More than 6 millions Jews and 50-80 millions in total died. That's not great, that's horrible and it will never cease to be one of the worst examples of humankind.

Well, all the fear wasn't an excuse back than, neither it's one today. As you I'm afraid too, because Trump seems to be even more crazy than Hitler was and draws even less distinctions between friends and foes. I fear for all my friends over there and for humanity.
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Wow, my LJ is buzzing with post-Leviosa posts and other activities and I just jump on the bandwagon and share some thoughts I had, things I did, and people I want to hug.

The important part first:

[ profile] huldrejenta, it's your birthday, hon! I hope you've been having a wonderful day with your family and friends. I'm sending big hugs and little things that hopefully bring joy. ♥


[ profile] my_thestral, you darling you! I couldn't believe my eyes, but you really sent me a Hogwards postcard from London. Gosh, I could just kiss you. Thank you very much! Luv u. ♥


As a side effect of my idea to write a Frostiron fic in MCU I've started to watch nearly all the movies. Let's try a one sentence résumé of each of them:

Iron Man - Even though Tony was an ass, I loved his sass.
Iron Man 2 - Less drones and more plotline would have been better.
Thor - A poor performance of nearly everyone, director inclusive, except Loki who saved that movie.
Avengers - Thought I got to see something like this all the time: witty dialogues, action, and lots of fun.
Iron Man 3 - My favourite of the three because Tony really seemed to have grown without losing his sense of humour.
Thor: The Dark World - Marginally better than the first, only because the evil ones are still the most interesting here.
Captain America: Winter Soldier - Steve and I won't become friends, but I loved everyone else like Sam, Nat, Fury, Hill and Bucky.
Guardians of the Galaxy - This cosmic space opera with its crazy Racoon and Groot was my favourite of all the Marvel movies.
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Blegh, this was bad: too much action and way too many sappy moments that felt fake.
Captain America: Civil War - to come (have to wait until it's available on DVD as it is not running anymore)

I didn't watch The First Avengers and Hulk because they're unimportant for my writing plans. If the occasion arises, I'll take a look.


It's great to see all the Leviosa posts and how vivid my dash/feed has suddenly become. Oh, very important: Everyone who's been there at Leviosa and not here. Did you see [ profile] birdsofshore's Leviosa Leftouts Love-in post? Such a fabulous idea. I cried tears of laughter while reading through the comments. And imo we all have to admire Birds for facing that dice that ran 3s like nothing else. I case you've missed it, she had promised to write Haikus for thrice cursed 3s and she did. *kudos, kudos, kudos*


Ah, there was more, but I can't remember it atm. As it's late and this post is big enough I just wish you all a pleasant day or, in this case, a good night!
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Yesterday was my birthday and I have to thank all of my wonderful friends who shot me a message even though I'm not as much on LJ as I used to be:

[ profile] anemonen, [ profile] khalulu, [ profile] dragontara, [ profile] smirkingcat, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] germankitty, [ profile] sylvaticginger, [ profile] my_thestral, [ profile] jie_jie, [ profile] roelliej, and [ profile] besamislabios - all your lovely wishes brightened my day.

[ profile] shiftylinguini and [ profile] mab graced me with virtual gifts. So sweet, lovelies!
And my darling [ profile] candamira offered to watch 'Captain Americ - Civil War' with me when I've finally caught up with that universe, got me some Haribo smurfs (they are made of pectin instead of gelatine which is imo so much tastier), and we will go out dining next weekend. :D

Now I feel totally spoiled. Thank you so much!
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Hi lovelies!

We had a great week away from home and enjoyed another week off work. Man, we managed to do so many things from our fairly long to do list that I'm quite proud now, the holidays are coming to an end.

I've also managed to write something and am looking for a beta right now. Does someone have some time to bare all the mistakes in a short fic? It's under 1.5k, slash, and for a fest.

If you're all busy, I'd have to go and ask at the usual places, but I'd prefer to know the person that's going to dismantle my writing. My former betas are more or less absent from LJ nowadays, or very busy with their own things.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

ETA: I'm sorted. Thank you, Dig!
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Thanks everyone!
All the wishes for our kitty might have been heard.
The good news: It wasn't her kidneys.
The not so good news: She has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. We changed her diet and she gets anti-inflammatory drugs (prednisone) every day now. She also showed signs of a Pankreatitis, but this was probably due to the bowel issue and her vomiting over some time. Her digestive enzyme levels are fine.
The best news: She likes her new diet which is mighty fine. Try to feed a kitty food they don't want to eat...and beware of the tiger unleashed. Since the change of diet she's stopped vomiting. Yay!
It'd be great if we could reduce the prednisone after some time. Taking corticosteroids for ages can be a double-edged sword as these drugs have a lot of side effects on their own. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself (again) and just relax, as she's really doing fine right now.

And because good news sometimes come in flocks I have to share this stunning picture I won on tumblr. I chose the pairing (Bagginshield) and the colours (Durin blue really suits them) and [ profile] camillo1978 did all the hard work. What an amazing work that is: look at all these muscles and how they emphasize the differences between them. I love how the light bathes their skin, and how lost they are in each other. Yes, I'm in love with this pic.

Oi, it's already late here and I have to stop.
Wish you a good night or day!

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Dear friends,

I'm very sorry for being on LJ only every once in a while. Until this afternoon I could have told you that I was following my feeds. But - *cringes in shame* - I've managed to delete my whole message board today. I was fiddling with the mobile on the playground and got distracted and the next thing I remember was pushing the okay button instead of 'get me the hell outta here'. Now it's too late and all your posts are gone from my dashboard. Well, at least the bookmarked posts are still there - thanks for small mercies.

The only unanswered and now lost message was the one by [ profile] besamislabios. Oh, now I'm even more happy about our chat last weekend, hon! It was fun and we really should do it again asap. :D

What I've been up to since my last post?

First of all, I haven't written anything at all during winter. The muse was absent, the cold made me very moody this year, and I was content to just read things. I didn't craft the gifts I still owe some people here, I didn't wrote more than a few recs, and every comment left here or elsewhere was an obstacle for me. At least I managed to talk to some of my friends and didn't abandon everyone.

The past months were really busy at work and whenever I had some free time I used it to just relax and do nothing at all. I can't see it getting any better in the future, but maybe I will be surprised. At least the job is still one I really like to do (even though our department's boss is a huge failure and not at all able to make things better).

Last week was Mr Kantorka's birthday and one of my presents for him was a dvd of this wonderful and stunning movie --> 'Searching For Sugar Man'. It's about the US-musician 'Rodriguez' who released two records in the early 1970s and when they didn't sell well went back to where he came from. What he didn't know, over the years his records became big hits in South Africa. It's a more or less true story and the Swedish director, who made the movie, won an Oscar in 2013 (documentary) for it. For someone who loves music and stories about music like I do, watching this movie is a big treat.

If you could cross your fingers for our cat this upcoming week, that'd be great. She needs to see the vet because she's vomiting all over the place (sometimes more sometimes less for one or two days). At first I thought she got a stomach bug, but it's been ongoing for too long now and I fear it's her kidneys (she's 12 years old). I've already put her on a phosphor-and-protein-reduced diet, which seems to help a bit, but we need to get her blood levels checked to see how bad it really is. Maybe it's something else, but I don't think so. And even though I don't practice anymore, I do remember how common kidney failure in older cats is.

Hope you and your loved ones are all well.
I'll try to not let another season pass before my next post. Take care!


Jan. 10th, 2016 04:17 pm
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Oh well, I'm a very bad online friend at the moment. It's not that I'm more busy than usual, no, I just don't feel the need to post or be that much online at all. I'm sure it will change again. At the moment I'm the happiest reading or just taking glimpses here and there. You know, I'm not ignoring my flist on purpose.

On to the important points.

  • First of all I have to thank [ profile] akatnamedeaster for my lovely Christmas card. It arrived last week and it's a wonderful card with Sirius/Severus surrounded by a mistletoe. Thank you very much, Kat! ♥

  • In case someone want to check out what I'm currently reading. It's one of the big fics in The Hobbitverse, Sansûkh by determamfidd. Everybody who reads Bagginshield fics recs it sooner or later and now I know why. I'm only 11% in, which is about 150 pages out of 1,200, LOL and it's like listening to an epic song or poetry in motion. It's as canon as it gets which is very interesting and kind of the clue here. I won't say more, but if you ever want to read an epos about Tolkien's world, you should give this one a try.

  • One of my prompts has been claimed and I'm really looking forward to reading that one. Yet, I have to tell you my most favourite is still unclaimed as are hundreds of other lovely and kinky prompts. I need to finish another story first. If that goes well, I'll claim something on short notice and write a naughty ficlet. I do have ideas. :D

    [ profile] hp_kinkfest
    Prompt Submission: 28 December 2015 – 3 January 2016
    Prompt Claiming/Sign-ups: 6 January – 10 January 2016
    Posting: begins 1 February 2016

  • This song makes me happy. I love it's energy and dancing vibes and its positive message.
    Read more... )
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The original plan was that I'd be at the movies right now and watch the Barbican Hamlet performance with a friend. Well, a nasty tonsilitis came my way and knocked me flat into bed. My darling [ profile] candamira is watching the play now with one of her besties (can you believe that my friend fell ill with a sinusitis too?). For her it's even more sad because she hadn't seen it on stage.

Back to my throat which was hurting like a bitch from Friday night on (great timing at the beginning of the weekend). I survived, but even numbing pills, sprays and gargle solutions could only do so much. Today I saw my physician and she prescribed the antibiotics without a fuss and now, two happy pills later, the penicillin is starting to work. Slowly, but I don't feel anymore as if someone were scrubing my gums raw while covering it all in slime. Urgh. I remember only two other times with that bad of throat ache and it was due to the same kind of bacteria (streptococci, those nasty things).
Okay, I'll stop whining now because it's getting better, I'm on sick leave this week and can use this time to get rid of all the germs in my system, and good things happened too.

Yes, I got a lovely present and some lovely art for my prompt.

The fic

Title: A little white lie
Author/Artist: I'm sorry, but I can't tell. It's an entry from the still ongoing excellent [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s) Scorpius Malfoy/Hugo Weasley
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: 45,301
Warnings/Tags: Explicit Language, Pining, Sexual Content

Summary: Scorpius Malfoy didn’t actually mean to send his distinguished grandfather to St. Mungo’s with his tiny white lie. Er... no, not primarily anyway. But between that foul act and having his Quidditch World Cup tickets revoked, there’s room for a slightly insane redheaded hero, who could save the day... if only Scorpius dare ask it of him.

Why I loved it: This is the most wonderful story ever. It's ridiculously funny, hot and sexy, heartwarming and sweet, and with a lot of feels on the way. Scorpious is shy and in love with Hugo, but his Malfoy-ish ways are more of a cover because his thoughts, my goodness his thouhts, are the ones of a hot, bursting teenager and it's wonderful to see how he makes a fool of himself and yet, he manages to get the important things right. And Hugo. If I didn't know better, I'd say the author took a look into my brain and extracted everything I love about Hugo. He's charming, smart, a wonderful mixture of a slut and waiting for his true love and even calm infront of two fathers who are both furious at that time. I think one can't help themselves, everybody must fall for him while reading. Yeah, there is more. Lovely dreams with music, kissing in the snow, use/misuse of Wheezes products and...everything else you have to read for yourself. Go, and read it. This story is a treat.


The art

Title: Draco/Al
Artist: [ profile] shiftylinguini
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Draco Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter
Medium: Pencil
Rating: Nr-17
Warnings/Tags: Big stonking age difference, nudity, sex

Summary: Chair smut.

Why I loved it: I mean, look at it. Of course I love it. They look stunning, and there is so much to love about this picture. Their hands, Draco's around Al's waist, Al's in Draco's hair, their blissful expressions, their knees (I get wobbly knees myself looking at the knees), Al's perfect bum, the yummy parts we can see from Draco's privates which makes me yearn for more. And don't forget the details of that chair, aka its seams. An utterly wonderful picture. Oh, and I highly recommend to take a look at it's counterpart Harry/Scorpius as well. It's not explicit, but as beautiful as this one.


I wanted to rec some music as well, but am too tired now. Let's hope I didn't make too many mistakes in this post - there is a correlation between feeling bad and me violating languages in written form.

Hope you have all a good day/night!
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Frist of all the bad mood thing, to get it off my head.

You know guys, instead of having a strop I should be happy, but I can't help it. I have those two fics on AO3 which are both quite successful and one overtook the other yesterday. Nothing's wrong with that, one would mind. Yet, I'm dissappointed.

Here is the story. Over one fic I've agonised and carefully tried to weave the words together. I did something new here and still think it's one of my better works. The other. Not so much. It was crafted in three days and betaed in another two. It was fun to write. It definitely was, and I really like how the parts I wrote turned out. Well, but I didn't sweat over it or freaked out over how it would be received. So, it seems to be not fair that the latter is now 'better' than the other.

I know it can't be helped. And with me trying new things in every fic some are doomed to get less attention than others. Logically, I know that. It hurt my heart nonetheless. Maybe I should just stop looking at my stats...?


And now about some good things:

Yesterday was the first discussion with everyone who could make it to the [ profile] online_bookclub chat. We talked about Wool (the omnibus edition) and some fics - of course we came back to fics with time. :D
It was so much fun! To speak to [ profile] celestlyn, [ profile] gracerene, and [ profile] lauren3210 in real time was great. I laughed a lot and kept up as good as I could with everyone.

I did write a bit nonsense twice because I was very tired. Just to correct that:
- It's vitamin D which needs sunlight to get activated in our skin and then helps our bones to function and be healthy. The lack of vitamin C causes scorbut and only eating fruits and such prevents scorbut to become apparent (mixed them up and am still cringing in shame).
- I told you about the little boy at my daughter's prenursery school who talked about wearing heels one day. I won't allow my five year daughter wearing heels. I just told her that when people are grown up everyone can wear heels. Heels - no matter how low - are imo no shoes for childrens's feet.

Oh, and I've finished the first scene of this non-Harry Potter fic I'm writing at the moment. Two or three more to go. Yeah!

One more thing. This made me laugh so hard.
Read more... )

Happy Halloween, my friends! ♥
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Yes, I'm in London again. Yesterday I arrived at my friend's place in Bow and we had a great dinner in a pub around the corner. The crowds were a bit sad - England lost against Australia in the Rugby World Cup.

Today I've slept in (heaven!) and visited Tate Modern. Wanted to do that since I used the building and one of its exhibitions in a fic of mine and had some trouble to get the knack of the buildings interior design - there's only so much floor plans can do. Now, I know. LOL
I loved some of the shown art, as modern art is just my cup of tea. Yet, I was suprised that I loved the video installtions the most. All of them were very intruiging and meditative (not kidding).

Tomorrow I'm going to visit the British Museum and am looking forward to seeing the Rosetta Stone for real.
In the evening my friend and I are going to see Hamlet. I've heard good and bad about the performance, the stage, and the production. So far I can only say that everything seems to be perfectly organised and the Barbican's Box Office staff is so very helpful in corresponding emails. And that I love the production's posters - look at my shiny new icon and that lovely little Hamlet. So, yes, very curious how that goes.

There won't be any pictures from this London trip from me. I'm the worst person ever at taking pics - today I forgot my camera in my suitcase. Tomorrow it'll be there again. If you want to see a stage door picture, google it or browse tumblr - thousands of people have been there and done that. If someone's interested, I could write about my opinion on the play and performance - though a lot of people have written about the play, probably more eloquent than I ever could.

Have a good start into the new week!


Sep. 16th, 2015 11:17 pm
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← Isn't that a shiny and lovely icon? Grabbed it from [ profile] capitu some time ago and, as I still haven't anything naughty to tell, I just show it off like this because LOVE!

Today was a good day because - finally - after nearly 8 months of intermitted work I've activated my epic lung cancer text at work (ok, one of them). Yeah, I know, it's an weird thing to be happy about. But our team, who answers all cancer-related questions, was in dire need for that to happen. The old text, though up-to-date in general, had the important topics all over the place and one had to really know what they were looking for. Now it's usability should be much better.

I'm not sure the same can be said about my [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest fic though. My beloved beta called me brave for going for this prompt and that's been the last thing I heard about it before she was going to go through it. That kind of set the bar higher than I'm comfortable with. I know the signs. Next thing will be for me to go into a love-hate-relationship with the story. Why must it be that way every single time? It would be so much better to just love my own stories. Ok, I'll stop this pointless rambling now. Sorry.

Oh, there's something else I'd love to share. I've started to read one of my favourite children's tales to our little one and she loves it. We've always read stories to her, but this is the first long one and we read one chapter each night before she goes to sleep. It's so much fun and I've dreamt about that moment (me reading to her) the second I'd learnt we would be parents.
The story is called 'The Little Ghost' by Otfried Preußler and I'm reading from my own copy which has been my uncle's beforehand.
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It's the 1st edition from 1966 and it has pictures in it which mostly I coloured some 35-36 years ago. OMG, I just learned that it's actually the 1st edition and now I feel a bit bad because it looks so used and I've scrawled into it and my uncle did so too - the poor book!
Anyway, the little one loves not only the story she's over the moon about our couloring. Every time a picture comes our way she asks me if it was really me or my uncle who coloured it. ♥

Btw, the second part of my nickname, Kantorka, comes from another of Preußler's tales. He wrote brilliant books.
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Yeah, I'm mostly silent again. There are a few things that need my attention at the moment:

  • As I might have mentioned here or there *snicker*, I'm going to see Hamlet in London at the beginning of October and let's say I'm not very trained in listening to 16th century English. So, it's time for some preparation. LOL
    I'm reading Hamlet at the moment in a bilingual version, English first, German second (the German translation is from the early 19th century and it's been also some time since I read old-fashioned German too).

  • To get in sync with Mr C's baritone I'm listening to the first series of Cabin Pressure in the evenings. I got the CDs from [ profile] candamira and another lovely friend who lives right across the street as a b-day present and wanted to start them right away. To find the time to just sit and listen to something has been a bit difficult for me, but the past two night's I've been managing and LMAO in doing so.

  • Actually, I learned that I'm able to do something else, as long as I don't have to think about what I do. So it's no problem to craft some thingies for my pay-it-forward campaign. I might not be able to finish them all till the end of October, but hope to manage until the end of 2015. And if fandom friends get a Christmas present that's not bad either, right?

  • Signed up for [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest and am writing a little story for that. From now on Fridays will be mostly writing days again.

  • Of course I can't live without reading some things, and next to all Sherlock stories I read this one from HP fandom. And because I loved it and it hasn't got enough kudos and comments on AO3 and my [ profile] crack_broom month finished before I've read the story, I need to rec it here.

Title: Promise
Author: [ profile] drarryxlover (cathcer1984 on AO3)
Art: [ profile] imera
Pairing(s) Harry/Scorpius
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: 20,290
Content/Warnings: Non-Graphic Voilence, Aftermath of Torture, Felching
Summary: Harry and Scorpius are Auror partners who were kidnapped and tortured. This is the story of how they heal.
Why I loved it: This story had it all: big feelings, hurt, angst, lots of comfort, love, a date (OMG, that date was so, so cute and sweet) and some sexy times to smooth the creases of the bumpy journey of our MCs.
And the art is lovely. Did I mention that I love b/w art? So, the artist's pics are a treat and such a good match for the story.
Even if it's not your favourite pairing ever, it is a great story accompanied by some wonderful art and - seriously guys - just 9 kudos as of today is a bit not good. So, please, go and leave some love. ♥

Well, it's past midnight here and I'm off to bed. I hope you're all well, and if not well, on the way to doing better.
Hugs and kisses!
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Hi there everyone! *waves*

Hope you're all well?

I'm sorry for not being around much at the moment. I'm helping a new friend by betaing a German translation of one of [ profile] mab's Hereos of Olympus fics (Talk Italian to Me) and though it's short and I'm working in my mother tongue it still takes some time to go over a story sentence by sentence while asking myself if I'd translate it that way or not. And if not, why?

Dear me, I've forgotten all grammatical vocabulary and the little one isn't old enought that I could take a short refresher course with her. Still, I'm becoming sort of an [ profile] iwao, very strict and thorough - hopefully in a charming way.

Oh, and I have plans for two and a half new fics at the moment. That's a good thing because I haven't written any words in a fic for some time.

Yeah, I'm alive and well. There are still some problems with the head and neck muscles, but not as bad as it had been the past weeks. *knocks on wood*

I'll try to catch up with your lives (and my messages) later this week or at the weekend.

Please feel hugged!
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Title: Stumbled Upon a Git, for [ profile] fortheloveofhp (Round 3 - Neville)
Author: [ profile] nia_kantorka
Pairing(s) Neville/Harry
Rating: R
Word Count: 2835
Content: humour, plants, Herbology, explicit language
Summary: How Neville and Harry got rid of their ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend in no time and stumbled into each other’s arms on the way.

I did fiddled a bit with it. All new or remaining mistakes are my own. [ profile] candamira and [ profile] iwao did their best to make it better. Thank you, ladies!

Sadly, I cranked my neck and nape badly and all muscles have turned into a tangled mess of steel. So, my desk and I have to part ways for a few hours, nights, idk how long now. I should probably take it easy for the next days as I have to work on a pc at work too. If I'm not my usual chatty self, that's why.
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I've had a visitor from hp_fandom in Heidelberg for the past one and a half days and it's been so wonderful to meet her. Finally, nearly before she's leaving the country to head back home, [ profile] 8c visited my place. And I feel so blessed because we had an awesome time together. We connected right from the start and really could talk about everything and anything under the sun. I would have happily spend more time with her. But I'm feeling good because I'm sure we are going to meet again.

Even after that short amount of time we've spent together I'm going to miss her and can't even fathom how [ profile] vaysh and all her other friends in Berlin will feel when she'll have left the country because they spent months together.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet her, go for it. She is such a warm, open-minded and passionate person!
Ah, you see, I'm really happy right now and think [ profile] lyonessheart is a lucky one because she'll get to meet 8c next. Have a great time together, ladies! *blews kisses northwards*

8c drew this lovely little pic for our little one in less than ten minutes (of course the little princess asked for a horse).
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It was just a sketch with a fill of water coulours because we didn't have much time and the attention span of the little one is fairly limited. 8c had to stop all attemps of drawing to play 'Memory' with the both of us (a game of pairs).

Well, I try to catch up with everyone and the things I've missed the past days. Tbh, I think it's kind of a lost cause to get through a feed of 150 things, but hopefully I'll get back to some posts I've caught a glimpse of and answer some messages. Not today though. I'm knackered and will be off kb soon.

Hope your weekend starts as great as mine did!
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Hi guys!

I'm sorry that I still haven't posted anything about our London trip. It was fabulous, it really was. :D
Canda sent me the top 89 (!) of her pics. So, I do have pics now and just need some time and maybe some temperatures under 30°C to write a long and detailed post. But the heat makes me so f**ing tired - it's a real nuisance. So, no sitting infront of the screen until past 1am at nights at the moment.

Have a good night/day/morning and a lovely weekend!
I'm off to bed early (again).

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Just wanted to tell everyone that I'm terribly busy at the moment and not purposefully ignoring my f-list and your lives and everything going on here. I'm busy preparing things for Canda's and my London trip and try to do a lot of other things that need to be done badly before I leave.

Believe me, I'm thinking of you. Especially of those who are ill or have a beloved relative who's ill. Sorry, that I'm such a bad friend at the moment. Let's hope it gets better once I'm back. Though new deadlines (not fandom related) are looming on the horizon... but I'll try to do better.


Okay, swearing below.
What the fuck is wrong with LifeJournal? Since they changed their layout and whatnot nothing is working anymore. Pings are only coming occasionally and I'm sure I've missed some of the things I'd have seen beforehand, I can't find my friends without digging deep in my profile instead with one click like I used to, and the jump between the message pages isn't working for me anymore. I wanted to write a reply and LJ didn't let me see the fucking previous messages pages which contain the message I'm looking for. I'm getting batshit crazy over things like that.

That's one of the reasons why I hate facebook and their ever-changing bloody design and don't try to use it all (only when it's necessary for our book blog). Where does this need to change a homepage's setup too many times come from?
STOP IT LIFEJOURNAL! It's dull and unnecessary. In Germany we call such things (try to make something better but just make it worse) 'verschlimmbessern'. That you've managed, LJ. You've verschlimmbessert your page for real.
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For the las'ight or so I really thought I had to withdrawl from the fest I'm writing my current fic for. No words, no ideas, nothing. I wrote the start of that story in May and since then not a single word. It was ok during June because I wanted to read all the things (worked well), but I've been getting more and more nervous since the 1st of July. Last Friday (after having procrastinated for hours on the internet while trying to write some words in that doc) I sat at my desk and asked myself what to do if things would go on like this.

Well, I told myself that I'd try one more week before I'd give up. Thanks to all the deities (or whomever I have to thank for sending my muse back to me) it's no longer necessary. Wrote some prompt required things yesterday and today (while making coffee and foaming milk ) it all came together; How to end this damn story and where to go from the scene I stopped yesterday.

Hurray- I don't need to drop out of the fest or submit some story I'd have been embarrassed about. Probably shouldn't shout out that loud as it isn't finished yet, but I'm so relieved. It's irrational to get that angsty about such a thing (nobody's about to die, the world is still spinning and there are so many bigger problems to think about), but for unbeknown reasons I just do.

So, yeah, crisis averted. :D

I'm going out with a friend tonight (late b-day present :D) and just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful morning/day/evening/night!

Cheers! ♥

P.S.: Thanks to [ profile] digthewriter I'm able to decorate this post with some oh-mime of John and that wonderful smirk of Sherlock.

P.P.S.: I want to change my LJ layout and I've found one I like (the colours, the clean style) except for the header pic. Is there a way to change the header pic without me crashing the code? And how do I even get into the code (there's a shortkey I sometimes enter and than I see the page's code, but I never pressed those keys deliberately)? Maybe some of my more css-talented friends could help me? If it's too elaborate, I'd skip the whole idea.
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Today it's been 36-37°C, tomorrow the temperatures should reach 39-40°C. Let me tell you that we're not used to such high temperatures here. Therefore everyone is still doing things in the middle of the day or in the afternoon and it's terrible. I have problems with heat-related headaches at the moment (no matter how much I drink or eat). They go away when I take some Paracetamol, but I hate to eat them like sweets.

Well, that's why I've been quieter than usual, still don't have read the last Smooch (seriously, how difficult can it be to read one more fic?), and have managed to do only half of the things I wanted to.

It can't be helped, and I'm trying to have an early night. I'm sorry, all messages, fics and whatnot have to wait until Sunday or so (it should be better around Wednesday, but tomorrow the current heat wave should reach its peak). I don't see me reaching my writing goal in the word war on [ profile] hd_writers, but it can't be helped. At least I managed to write my review on Slaughterhouse-Five for our German book blog.

When I think about the word war and my current obsession with the Sherlock fic Letters from Sussex (recced it already)- I should count the comment I've left on AO3 today for the word war. My book review was around 600 words long, my comment had over 700 words. It took me an hour or so to write it (there are still some mistakes in it [I can't be left off the leash without my beta], but it's to late because readers of this fic are actually talking to each other in the comment section and I love that). Well yes, amazing fic is still amazing (no matter how hurt everyone was and is about John's latest letter)!

Good night!
*puts an imaginary ice cold sprinkler on*


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