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This is my 3rd and last rectober post because I'm busy at the moment.

There are two groups of multi-talented ones for me. The first group are those awesome people who create for more than one fandom on a regular basis, people in the second group use more than one medium for their creative outlet. And there are even a few who do both. With this post I want to honour some of them.

banner by [ profile] raitala

Title: An Aching Soul
Author/Artist: [ profile] writcraftfavicon Writcraft
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s) Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Word Count: 14,713
Warnings/Tags: Implied/Referenced Drug Addiction

Summary: I can’t help but wonder if Potter’s really as fine as he claims to be. There’s something strange about seeing the vanilla hero of the wizarding world eye-fucking someone across a crowded bar before slipping off into the shadows - Draco Malfoy escapes to the Muggle world to avoid his parents, memories of the war and Harry Potter. However, some things prove harder to escape than others as Draco realises when his favourite Muggle haunt is rudely invaded by a post-war Harry who is struggling to cope with grief, growing up and the battle with his inner demons.

Why I loved it: Tbh, I thought I've already recced it and didn't. Tsk. An Aching Soul has been my favourite of 2015's smooch fics. Yes, there have been plenty of great fics in the fest (I even loved my own fest entry), but this fic gripped me like no other. Even today I remember the feeling of awe when I had been sucked right into the story during its first paragraph. I love a good 1st person pov and being in this Draco's head was a treat. I loved how they both ached so much and only got better because of each other. They didn't even want to, yet it happened. This fic was a piece of great beauty and I feel lucky that I can re-read it whenever I want.

What I adore about Writcraft: She's wonderfully talented with words and creates art too. I adore how she uses pastel colours in a way that they lose all their clichéd innocence. Just take a look: It's a surprise. I had the pleasure to meet Writ in 2015 and she's as kind, generous and funny as her online presence.


Title: The Consort and Loki and his Raven
Author/Artist: [ profile] alby_mangrovesfavicon alby_mangroves
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (and lots of others fandoms)
Pairing(s) none, just Loki
Rating: Gen

Why I loved them: I might have said once or twice (cough) that I love Loki in all universes and all his forms. There is something wonderful about a God who can laugh about mischief and himself no matter how lost, lonely, or hurt he is. The funny thing, I don't find Tom Hiddleston that handsome with his normal hair colour and style. Yet I think he is the most stunning Loki ever. And I love how Alby captures his persona in fathomless eyes with hair that has a life of its own and...ah, idk, he just lives. And, yes, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for black-and-white-drawings.

What I adore about Alby_mangrove: I adore Alby's art since the first pic I've seen (it was a Merlin/Arthur pic) and I still think her one picture of Harry/Draco is one of the best ever. I'm sure my Steve/Bucky shipping friends know her faboulous pics of those two, but Alby also writes stories. I recced one last rectober. It's one of the stories I've re-read on more than one occasion even though I don't read that much Merlin/Arthur. I would love to see some art for her own story. Yes. Imo Alby's really an epitome of multi-talented!


Title: An Expected Journey
Author/Artist: favicon MarieJacquelyn
Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing(s) Bilbo/Thorin, implied Dwalin/Nori
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 294,971
Warnings/Tags: each chapter has its tags and warnings, a general warning for temporary character death

Summary: “I just wish...”

“What do you wish?”

“I wish I could have changed it all.”

For years Bilbo has written about his adventures and told stories about his dealings with dwarves and dragons. To most it seemed like fanciful nonsense but to Bilbo it was all very real. A weight followed him home from his travels, one called regret. Now in his final moments Bilbo has a choice to make – go quietly into death’s embrace or go back again and face all the fear and pain for the chance to make things right?

Of course, change is a fickle thing and not everything can be done again as Bilbo is about to find out. In the end, it may not only be salvation that he’s fighting for.

Why I loved it: This fic has it all. A wonderful sense of humour, an epic adventure, time travel, great friendships, big love, so much hurt and angst, and deliciously awkward smut. It has some of the best plot twists ever (I could squeal for days over Smaug here). The author created their own banner and art of their characters (not specially for this fic). A sequel is currently being posted (8/12 chaps) and can't wait to read it when it's finished. I loved the story to pieces and it kept me up for hours and hours - all that though I'm not even a big Hobbit shipper. It was fabulous. :D

What I adore about MarieJacquelyn: One can always get me intruiged with a great sense of humour and the humour in the fic and on their tumblr is just wonderful. I have no clue about GuildWars2, but think the art for those characters (and the ones who took up a life on their own) is pretty impressive too. So, I became of fan just recently, but I'm looking forward to everything that's coming my way.


I wanted to add some more talents, but have gotten lost browsing their online profiles all over the internet. So, I keep them in mind for next year. Cheers, my friends. Enjoy your weekend!
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Today's rectober post is about fics with masks, phantoms and beasts... Of course I've read a lot more of those, but here are the first three stories that came to my mind.

banner by [ profile] raitala

Title: This Man's Heart
Author/Artist: favicon ellie_hell
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: R
Word Count: 72,991
Warnings/Tags: Alternate Universe, Friends to Lovers, Pre-Slash, Friendship, Slash, Angst, Fluff

Summary: In the latter part of the 19th century, a peculiar solitary man and an ex-army doctor disfigured at war live in a small village, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. When they first meet, they have no idea their lives are about to change forever and, over the months, they will form an unusual friendship, discover more about each other and themselves, and maybe fall a little in love along the way.

Why I loved it: This story gives its readers not only a wonderful historical setting of the French part of Canada in the 19th century, but some of the best descriptions of its landscapes during the seasons and its inhabiting animals I've ever read.

Then there are the characters. How Sherlock's and John's relationship develops is a treat. There is a treasure hunt involved that is too lovely to talk much about to not spoil the fun. Let's just say it's sort of a wonderful courtship which in the end doesn't go like planned. And then there's heartbreak. Oh yes, so much heartbreak on both sides. But they'll manage to sort things out, becoming stronger together. And then there are the side characters. How I loved Greg Lestrade in this story. He's the best friend ever. Oh, and don't forget some of the villains from canon who play a very different role here. That was so cute and I loved the part with the waltz.

Oh, and there's another thing I loved very much about this fic. It's always wonderful when an author writes about music or art or writing itself and manage to show their love for the topic. When they bring it to live before my eyes, making me see a picture with their words, experiencing a dance sequence I've never seen for real or - in this case - letting me feel music and winter only with their words.

I highly recommend this story for Sherlock fans, Beauty and the Beast lovers and everybody else too. The writing is too stunning to be ignored!

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Title: A Prayer for the Spinder on LJA Prayer for the Spider on AO3
Author/Artist: [ profile] lomonaaerenfavicon Lomonaaeren
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing(s) Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6266
Warnings/Tags: Angst, Beauty and the Beast Elements, Curses, Mystery, Suicidal Thoughts

Summary: Harry has a month to undo the hardest curse he's ever worked with, a curse that has turned a man into the equivalent of a spider--except for his eyes.

Why I loved it: The stakes are high in this story. The cursed Darco is so desperate to leave this ugly, plump, and monstrous body of his behind, that he plans to commit suicide if Harry isn't able to break the curse within a month. Draco doesn't want to reveal who he is, so Harry meets him as M. And though the grotesque figure really looks horrible and disgusting Harry sees so much pain and dispear in M's silver eyes that he vows to give everything to break the curse. The atmosphere in this fic is creepy, luxurious, and forsaken - a really wonderful combination. I loved the descriptions of Draco's uglyness and the wonders of his house and garden which were so rich and beautiful. And I loved Harry here. He's a Healer, specalised on curses who alternate peoples appearance and he is smart and determined. Tbh, I love to read fics where he's got a grib on his temper, and his strength and kind heart are the main traits driving his character forward. This is such a story.

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Title: Bel Canto
Author/Artist: favicon bendingsignpost
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 127,481
Warnings/Tags: Alternate Universe - Historical, phantomlock, Secret Identity, Identity Porn, Alternate Universe - Classical Music, Music, Singing, Sherlock's Violin, Operas, Aristocracy, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Disguise, Inheritance

Summary: After years of waiting for wealthy patrons to faint, Dr John Watson discovers a far more interesting patient in the opera house basement. (AU through a Phantom of the Opera lens.)

Why I loved it: This story is quite complex with a Sherlock who disguises himself as mysterious Mr Vernet to compose an opera and who wears a mask at all times around John (except in the dark). John gets into a catch-22 situation and falls a bit more for Mr Vernet than Lord Holmes younger brother Sherlock - therefore the part with the feelings is a huge mess. The story has also a vexing case as a villain has set their goal to destroy Lord Holmes opera house and is quite successful in doing so.

Again a story that made my heart ache by turning the music and storyline of an opera into the most wonderful words. I loved John here. As the opera houses' doctor he is so passionate about keeping all his possible patients at good health. He is seriously angered about that someone who tries to bring the opera house down. Therefore he helps Sherlock and Lestrade as good as possible. The funny thing is, John doesn't even like operas. Well, except the one of Vernet which is a special case right from the start. I can't tell much more without spoiling the story.

I loved the historical, very Victorian setting and how it was mixed up with the modern interpretation of the characters. The rest of the cast was woven well into the story and I loved the roles Mrs Hudson and Irene played here. There are some horrid attacks taking place in the story, so be prepared that not everybody will reach the end of the story alive - not the MCs, it made me sad nonetheless. Once started I couldn't put the story down. So, better bring some time when starting this fic as it's a longer one. I loved it. All of it, even its gruesome parts. And the ending, swoon, that was an ending for the win.

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Autumn has arrived, the nights get shorter (at least in the nothern hemisphere), and that's the time to spend with a good book or fic on the sofa, candles flickering in the background and a mug of hot tea to stay all warm and cosy. If you'll need some inspiration what to read, take a look at all the rectober recs which are currently being posted.

This first week of Rectober I like to share a few gorgeous fusion fics. I want to focus mostly on multifandom recs because I think there will be enough H/D and other HP fics recced this month.

banner by [ profile] raitala

Title: Your Body Before Me 3rd and last part of the Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc series
Author/Artist: favicon etothepii
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing(s): Sherlock/John
Rating: R
Word Count: 3,476 (of 20,213)
Warnings/Tags: The author choose no warnings and no tags, but I'd like to tag dark humour, and warn about various forms of removing body parts and digesting poisons.
Summary: Sherlock experiments on John.

Why I loved it: This is a fusion with The Addams Family and it's so wonderfully done. Geez, I'm still so glad that I found this series. John and Harry are related to the Addams family by their mother's side and they've inherited a lot of their special abilities. If you know the story, you can guess some of the things John (and Harry) can do. In the second part John's nature is revealed to Sherlock because of a case (of course) and in the third part Sherlock wants to know all about it. So, Sherlock's invited by John to do a autopsy on him. Yepp, an autopsy on the living John. And it's strange, and a bit medical, and gross, and heartwarming and if you take that literally, you're not wrong either - I loved it to pieces.

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Title: I Seem to Be a Verb
Author/Artist: favicon Aja
Fandom: Inception
Pairing(s) Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 93,873
Warnings/Tags: Notting Hill AU, Celebrity AU, London, Bookstores, Celebrities, RPF, architecture, Buckminster Fuller, Schmoop, Hipsters, Arthur's life is so hard, But not as hard as Ariadne's, Science, Bookstore AU, Social Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks, Falling In Love, Relationship Issues, Things are ok then really happy then really sad then slowly better then really happy again I promise
Summary: Notting Hill AU, written for the i_k prompt, "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Arthur owns a quirky hipster science bookstore. Eames is a world-famous mega-celebrity.

Clearly this calls for a meet-cute.

Why I loved it: This is not only a fic about Arthur and Eames, as one would assume reading an Inception fic. No, it's also a fic about words, books, authors, book titles, and Arhtur's wonder of a bookshop, The Robie House. And that bookshop, Jesus, I wish it was real. I'd love to go and take a look. If I could choose, I'd have taken a look at its version before Arthur even met Eames, but I'm sure the version Ariadne and Mal designed and reconstructed would be a fabulous place too.
Arthur and Eames are fabulous and funny in this story, and dorks because they talk a lot but not enough about things that matter.

Yeah, this fic has a lot of wonderful scenes: ridiculous ones about the bookshop owner and the celebrity being together or seperated in public, and some more wonderful and hurtful ones when they are on their own. Arthur does a lot of mistakes, Eames too, so there's heartbreak and getting over it and - don't worry - a lovely happy ending as well. It's one of my favourite Inception fics and if you take a look at its amount of kudos and bookmarks I'm not the only one in love with this long and brilliant story.

If you love books and loved Inception, you'll have a hell of a good time with this story.

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Title: Kings Among Runaways series
Author/Artist: favicon dfotw
Fandom: Avengers/Hellboy (Marvel/Dark Horse)
Pairing(s) Loki/Nuada
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 20,564
Warnings/Tags: Avengers Hellboy crossover
The Avengers/Hellboy villain crossover you never knew you wanted.
Loki meets Nuada at a young age; the consequences of this encounter reverberate along both their lives until they meet again... and we get to see what these fallen princes can do together.

Why I loved it: It all started with [ profile] alby_mangroves pic For I Shall Watch Over You which I saw and fell in love with from the start. Of course I had to read the story behind this picture. And boy, did I fall in love again.
I have a soft spot for the outcast, the ones not fitting in, and the ones who make a lot of wrong decisions because that's what the deeply hurt ones do. These two princes are so lost and misunderstood and alone until they meet. They don't are easy on another, proud princes that they are with all their hidden agendas. But they'll get there, being lovers and partners in crime and that's fabulous. Three parts out of four are told from Loki's pov, one from Nuada's. Both are done so well with their voices a bit strange and unhuman and very different from another. If you're up for a rare pairing and two MC's with intruiging voices, take a look at it. This series is a little gem.

Oh, you can totally read it without knowing much about Hellboy and if you know who's who in the Avenger's movies that's enought to enjoy this series. At least I did, and I'm one of this crazy chicks who often get their canon knowledge from reading fics...

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