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For the las'ight or so I really thought I had to withdrawl from the fest I'm writing my current fic for. No words, no ideas, nothing. I wrote the start of that story in May and since then not a single word. It was ok during June because I wanted to read all the things (worked well), but I've been getting more and more nervous since the 1st of July. Last Friday (after having procrastinated for hours on the internet while trying to write some words in that doc) I sat at my desk and asked myself what to do if things would go on like this.

Well, I told myself that I'd try one more week before I'd give up. Thanks to all the deities (or whomever I have to thank for sending my muse back to me) it's no longer necessary. Wrote some prompt required things yesterday and today (while making coffee and foaming milk ) it all came together; How to end this damn story and where to go from the scene I stopped yesterday.

Hurray- I don't need to drop out of the fest or submit some story I'd have been embarrassed about. Probably shouldn't shout out that loud as it isn't finished yet, but I'm so relieved. It's irrational to get that angsty about such a thing (nobody's about to die, the world is still spinning and there are so many bigger problems to think about), but for unbeknown reasons I just do.

So, yeah, crisis averted. :D

I'm going out with a friend tonight (late b-day present :D) and just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful morning/day/evening/night!

Cheers! ♥

P.S.: Thanks to [ profile] digthewriter I'm able to decorate this post with some oh-mime of John and that wonderful smirk of Sherlock.

P.P.S.: I want to change my LJ layout and I've found one I like (the colours, the clean style) except for the header pic. Is there a way to change the header pic without me crashing the code? And how do I even get into the code (there's a shortkey I sometimes enter and than I see the page's code, but I never pressed those keys deliberately)? Maybe some of my more css-talented friends could help me? If it's too elaborate, I'd skip the whole idea.
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Actually we should still be at Lake Constance, but
- Mr Kantorka got a really bad cold (and wanted home because it was like living in a fridge in that cottage)
- we weren't even in a village. It was just some houses with a church, a posh hotel and a camping site (that meant no direct access to the lake at that place) and since my time as a vet in the Bavarian Wood I'm slightly allergic to being strand in the countryside (I wanted home)
- there were no kids around. Even when we drove to the next two playgrounds (by car, wtf?) the little one had to play alone (that's why she wanted home).
Ergo, we just went back yesterday and are on holidays at home now. We learned a lesson; we need to book our holiday accommodation by ourselves and not let mother-in-law choose the place. Though I have to say it would have been perfect for her; nature all around, great trails next to the lake shore and a lot of people around her age.

And I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in my Sherlock recs? I could just post them in my rec list(s) and on tumblr. That would spare you (my hp-centric f-list) all the things on your dashboards. But maybe I'm wrong and it's no hardship to read the recs or just skip the posts?
Some input on the topic would be wonderful. Thank you!

Hope you all had a good few days since summer started officially.
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Today I've seen people from my f-list asking questions about words and their use and thought, that's cool. Because I wanted to ask something for a while but always forgot about it.

It's about one line from the lyrics of Polaroid by Imagine Dragons.

What it the meaning of I'm a day late two face?

I can think about a few things for two face; the Roman God of two faces Janus, the comic figure two-faces from Gotham City or someone being that way - showing two different faces to the world. But all of it doesn't fit with day late (at least not for me).

So, if someone knows what they are talking about, please share your knowledge.
Thank you! <3


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