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I was tagged by [ profile] shiftylinguini and am happy to oblige in this meme. ;p

Here are five things that make me happy:

  1. Summer sun: It's currently summer here and I love all the sun we get. Yes, it gets pretty fast too hot in our flat, but all in all summer is just the best season. Blue sky, sun, being outside, varnished toe nails (I'm too lazy to do that when nobody is going to see it), ice cream, open air swimming pools, riding the bike all the time - yes, I definitely love summer.

  2. Reading: This month is a reading blast. I've taken a break from writing and am just enjoying all the things that have been popping up (on my dashboard, my mobile, via AO3notifications and on tumblr). I read a lot of [ profile] holmestice, all the [ profile] hd_smoochfest fics so far and a lot of [ profile] hprarefest too. And I even managed to read a book in-between all the fics. Happy times, indeed!

  3. Music: In a way music is much more important than reading to me. I'd go barmy without it. Music helps me to concentrate, to do all the deeds I hate (vacuum cleaning or cleaning the bathrooms without music is unbearable) and is always able to lighten my mood.

  4. My family: I love them with all my heart, even though they can get terribly on my nerves. :D

  5. Fandom/Talking to people around the world: It's not that I don't love my rl friends, on the contrary I love them to pieces. Yet, I love that blogging, fanfictions and fandom coaxed me into talking to people from all over the world. It's so much fun to learn about all your lives, your surroundings, to get insight into your culture. It's awesome to make friends; no matter where they are, what they look like, whom they love and what they do outside of fandom.

My turn to tag some friends (who like to do memes or talk about their lives and haven't been tagged so far [?], so only six instead of ten):
[ profile] my_thestral, [ profile] candamira, [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] isinuyasha, [ profile] lokifan and [ profile] huldrejenta
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Sadly, it's raining today and the forecast says it's not going to stop until tomorrow. But May Day is a day off here, so that's something.

Yesterday, [ profile] akatnamedeaster posted about [ profile] teddyradiator who challenges her f-list to post to LJ once a day. In May I want to try to post at least a bit more often than I did recently.

Some positivity... )
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Yes, I've been as quiet as everyone else.
The excuse (this time)- I am really busy getting the first of my fest fics ready for submission and have started to think about the second. The first one was fun to write. Hope the second is too.

I'm out of town this weekend and visit some friends in Munich. It'll be so great to see them both and to spend a weekend on my own in a city I really grew to love when I lived there. As the hotel has free wifi I'm probably still lurking around at nights or early mornings. I'm not sure I'll be able to have a lie in- as I got used to around 6 hours of sleep at all times. But I'll try. :D

Living in a town with a natural reserve (an untouched part of the river passing through our city) has a huge advantage now that spring has come. I see storks flying around when cycling along said river to pick up our little one from nursery school. Just think about it; when I was young storks were endangered in our country and now lots of them are flying around. Seeing them makes me smile. I tried to take a picture, but flying (moving) animals and mobile cameras didn't work well- so I spare everyone the blurry, far away blots of 'evidence'.

Oh, and there is this song our little one and I fell in love with (it's from last year but we don't care ;p). The singer, Rea Garvey, is Irish but is living since the late 90ies in Germany. He's met his wife here and had a German band. I'm not sure that band, 'Reamonn', is known outside of our country. Well, he still makes music, published an album last year and there is this song.
And now I have a little one singing 'I can't say no' at all times. She only knows the title line but sings or hums big parts of the melody.

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This post is about positivity and getting into season's spirit.

If you need some inspiration for baking cookies, have a look at [ profile] icmezzo's Holiday Cookie Rec(ipes) Exchange. I'm pants at baking cookies (I just look online for one plain butter cookie recipe and pray to all deities it'll work out) but I love the idea.

As I'm following some of the Christmas fests at the moment, it's fitting to participate on [ profile] writcraft's Comment-a-Thon.

This charming banner puts me into the right frame of mind.

I'm following Professor Snape's lead here. Tbh, I've already lost track about my comments, but I don't care because it's about sharing love on fics and art, and not really about earning points.

Speaking of fics. I was lucky and got my [ profile] hd_erised gift this first week of the fest's posting. It's a brilliant little story and if you haven't read it so far, *hush hush*, you go and read it.

Title: Days Before You Came
Author/Artist: [ profile] bloodisshrp
Pairing(s) Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5,5k
Warnings: none
Tags: EWE, Hogwarts Eighth Year, Fluff, Humor
Summary: Ten days before the end of his Eighth year at Hogwarts is when Harry realises that he probably, maybe, loves Draco Malfoy.
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I need to write another rectober post but first I want to share this:

  1. After weeks and months of being lazy and growing back pain I started to do my yoga excercises again last weekend. It's a 50 minutes session (after a DVD) but I'm doing it for years and just using the sound anymore. Mr. Kantorka (trained audio engineer) extracted the sound and I have it now as a mp3 and a CD. Well, it's just gorgeous and always able to relax and vitalise me. I've done it today and tomorrow I'll have sore muscles but that's worth it.

  2. I have a new pairing I am currently growing very fond of: Ron/Scorpius.
    I read my first fic about them by [ profile] inell two weeks ago. And since then she wrote four fics about them and I'm in love with these two. So far [ profile] my_thestral and I are nearly the only ones with a soft spot for them, but maybe you'll want to join our little fanclub?
    Have a look. The series goes like this: Why not?, The Right Incentive, Malfoy Style Romance, and Film Night. I'm sure there are going to be more. *huge cheshire cat grin*

  3. I found a wonderful new song this morning. Just the right thing to forget about fall and rain and dark times:

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It wasn't all positive today acutally yesterday because it's past 12 but I had a great time this evening.

1. I was in Frankfurt and visited a Passenger concert. We (Mr. Kantorka and myself) had planned it for ages but sadly he got ill and is still ill (fever and cold) and couldn't come with me. I tried to find someone who could but found no one (Canda for example is visiting her parents at the moment and everyone else had other things to do).
Then I thought, and Mr. Kantorka told me as well, to fuck that shit and go alone. And though it sucks to visit a concert alone I just did it. And it was wonderful. This guy all alone on the stage with his guitar and his amazing voice. It's softer and much stronger than I thought it would be. And his accent. I love his wonderful British accent. He made a lot of jokes, told us some stories about more than one song, sang a spontanous version of 'Song of Silence', he made us sing and clap with him through the whole gig and it was really brilliant. If you like his kind of music and get the chance, go and visit a concert. *has a huge smile on her face*

2. see No. 1 because it counts for two. :D

3. On the 7th of October there will be three books published I'm SO eager to read:

  • The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan - the fifth and last of The Heroes of Olympus series (OMG, if Riordan let one of my favourite characters die, I ... don't know but will be definitely gross with him).

  • Bloodline by Jordan L. Hawk - the fifth and last of the Whyborne & Griffin series (Aw, to meet Ival and Griffin again. I love these two boys ♥).

  • Outcome by Cara Dee - the second and last of the Aftermath series (the first one was a blast and I can't wait to meet some of the abducted guys again).

Now the adrenalin of my trip has finally worn off and I'm off to bed now.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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The last few days have been a blast. I could share so much positivity but I try to restrict myself a bit. :)

1. I got mail. Owl post to be precise. From my lovely and wonderful friend [ profile] digthewriter. When she started her Pay it Forward I expected to get a drabble or one of her colourful paintings. And what did I get. All of it and more. ♥


Do you see the Harry Potter stamps? Dig printed out a painting of hers. And wrote me a drabble. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this letter in my mail. Dig, you are awesome. Thank you so so much! ♥ ♥ ♥
That made my day.

2. I got an idea yesterday. Shared it with my dearest friend [ profile] candamira and she jumped on the train. We did some brainstorming at the playground and I nearly wetted my pants while laughing about all our crazy ideas. And now we are working together on a short fic. You can't imagine how much fun it is. To see someone else working with your idea, creating awesome input all the while. It's such a great thing to do. For the first time it is an advantage that we are ELS. We can write in English and comment in German without getting confused- and I'm giggling like a lunatic all the time.

3. I did a lot of writing yesterday. First I worked on my [ profile] hd_erised (yay, I managed to finish a difficult scene) and then Canda and I started our little project. Well, I wrote 2.495 words yesterday. That's a really huge amount for me. I know a lot of you knock this out in no time, but I'm fairly proud of myself when I write around 1.000 words on a good day. So, it put me on high adrenaline the whole morning. :D

4. Do you follow [ profile] hp_silencio and [ profile] hd_fan_fair? I read and saw some awesome things during these last days on Silencio with some very rare and unique povs. Career fair started yesterday and the first posts were awesome. The art. OMG. This fic. Hilariously funny. Go and take a look.
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To keep my good spirit I want to post a bit positivity (even though the meme has been finished):

1. Yesterday [ profile] candamira and I watched Weekend, the base of [ profile] taradiane's wonderful Smoochfest fic Not My Boyfriend. Great film. And thankfully it wasn't as sad as I've feared. Might be due to my motto: as long as there is love, I don't need an HEA.
Everybody seemed to love Russell (Tom Cullen) but I fell for Glen (Chris New). He was so forthright, jittery and sweet in his own way.
And I loved the european flair of the film. For example the helluva of drugs they consumed during their Weekend. That doesn't mean I'm ok with taking lots of/or any drugs. It was just something they did and it was mentioned without a wagging finger. I like it when I can make up my own mind.
I'm going to read Not My Boyfriend once more because I love the little Harry and Draco related changes.

2. Last week I was knocked out by a cold, than I was away and I had two days off on Monday and Tuesday. So today has been the first day back at work and everybody was nice and I could feel that they have been glad to see me again. My fellows are great people and a few are quite good friends. Yep, it's good to be back.

3. I'm working on my next to-be-read list and I just love it. I think I'll just pick the books this time because the [ profile] hd_fan_fair is starting to post the Career fics next week and I want to try to read them asap. I'm happy that for [ profile] hp_silencio (posting starts on Sunday) there's been a word limit. They'll all be short so I can read them whenever I like without violating my good resolutions. Haha, I love to bend my own rules. Rules are cool but only when you can bend or break them once in a while...

I managed to get all my un-read messages switched to read (fuck this tick mark) and now I don't know anymore on which entries I did comment and not. So, if I haven't commented yet, I probably won't because I lost track of everything except my messages. I'm really sorry because I love to 'talk' to everyone. :D


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