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← Isn't that a shiny and lovely icon? Grabbed it from [livejournal.com profile] capitu some time ago and, as I still haven't anything naughty to tell, I just show it off like this because LOVE!

Today was a good day because - finally - after nearly 8 months of intermitted work I've activated my epic lung cancer text at work (ok, one of them). Yeah, I know, it's an weird thing to be happy about. But our team, who answers all cancer-related questions, was in dire need for that to happen. The old text, though up-to-date in general, had the important topics all over the place and one had to really know what they were looking for. Now it's usability should be much better.

I'm not sure the same can be said about my [livejournal.com profile] hp_nextgen_fest fic though. My beloved beta called me brave for going for this prompt and that's been the last thing I heard about it before she was going to go through it. That kind of set the bar higher than I'm comfortable with. I know the signs. Next thing will be for me to go into a love-hate-relationship with the story. Why must it be that way every single time? It would be so much better to just love my own stories. Ok, I'll stop this pointless rambling now. Sorry.

Oh, there's something else I'd love to share. I've started to read one of my favourite children's tales to our little one and she loves it. We've always read stories to her, but this is the first long one and we read one chapter each night before she goes to sleep. It's so much fun and I've dreamt about that moment (me reading to her) the second I'd learnt we would be parents.
The story is called 'The Little Ghost' by Otfried Preußler and I'm reading from my own copy which has been my uncle's beforehand.
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It's the 1st edition from 1966 and it has pictures in it which mostly I coloured some 35-36 years ago. OMG, I just learned that it's actually the 1st edition and now I feel a bit bad because it looks so used and I've scrawled into it and my uncle did so too - the poor book!
Anyway, the little one loves not only the story she's over the moon about our couloring. Every time a picture comes our way she asks me if it was really me or my uncle who coloured it. ♥

Btw, the second part of my nickname, Kantorka, comes from another of Preußler's tales. He wrote brilliant books.
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Thanks for all the well wishes for our little one! She has still fever- thankfully under 39°C (no medication necessary) but isn't nauseous anymore. So, I'm mostly online via mobile and not really writing things or commenting properly because it's just a nuisance on the phone.

But I had some lovely reading time while we lay on the sofa or bed together (and she grabbing my hand like a limpet) these last days. And man, I've had some luck with the chosen fics recently:

- It all started with the wonderful Sherlock fic 'The Edinburgh Problem' by snorklepie (rec is here, 2nd last)

- Then I read this great story on [livejournal.com profile] hp_mhealthfest 'The Butterfly Effect' by current anon. Seriously, go and take a look at that adorable Ron and how he is going to help a cursed Draco.

- Oh, then came 'The Gilded Cage' by BeautifulFiction. Yes, this is me reccing another Alpha/Omega fic. It's such a complex story with a rogue society, some great ideas on Alpha/Beta/Omega biology, a very intruiging case - at least for me as a scientist - which maybe distracts a bit from the MC's relationship at first but becomes so much more over time. So, watch it while reading! :D
I gutted this 327k fic in 3,5 days and am still in awe about it (need to write a proper rec soon).

- And one more. Inception this time. Or an Inception/Nothing Hill fusion to be more precise. 'I Seem to Be a Verb' by Aja (Bookshop on tumblr). You see. There's Arthur with his Nothing Hill bookstore and one day Eames (the big actor) shows up and grabs a book Arthur never wanted to sell. And I learned some things about architecture, three-word-book-titles, Buckminster Fuller and movies I've never heard of. This fic was 93k of gold.

I'm reading a Merlin football AU at the moment told from Arthur's pov- 'There are no Gays in Football' by Malu_3. It's so cool to read finally about a sport I know a lot about. And yes, I can feel the heartbreak looming (it's 210k long and I'm just 18% in).

Well, it's still some days until Smoochfest and Holmestice start posting...

Hope you are all well! I try to answer my messages soon...
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Sorry, I'm very busy reading this great story at the moment. I'll be back asap.
At least I managed to write one message today. Oh, and replied to some comments.
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I would have loved to write something for [livejournal.com profile] torino10154's Blow Job Friday. (Have you seen the awesome stories over there?)
Well, lets just say I've been creative in other ways- like seasons craftmanship.

Though most people here are not very religious anymore nearly everyone celebrates a lot of those old Catholic traditions during Christmas season. So, I've crafted an Advent calender for the little one these last days and we've decorated our Advent wreath together today. Here are some pics about the calender crafting because it started a bit strange and now everything looks very shiny. And a pic of the wreath on top.
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Oh, and I've read a lot. Fics and books. I'm currently reading a book from my tbr pile which came to my mind again because [livejournal.com profile] drarryisgreen quoted it yesterday. I need to hurry because [livejournal.com profile] hd_erised starts posting on Monday. OMG, I'm so excited! :D

It's nearly midnight here. I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!


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