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First, this post isn't about my favourite Marvel pairing, but other fics I enjoyed very, very much.
Second, chances are slim that there will be ever recs of main pairings containing Steve or Thor from me.
Third, enjoy!

Title: Not Less
Author: favicon sara_holmes
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing(s) James "Bucky" Barnes/Clint Barton, Steve/Tony (Background)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3812
Warnings/Tags: Winterhawk Week, winterhawk - Freeform, prompt - disabilities, Clint Barton Feels, Deaf Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes Feels, Hurt/Comfort, Happy Ending, Getting Together

“Why can’t I hear?!” Bucky is screaming. “Where the fuck is my arm?”

Clint feels the weight of the metal despite the fact it’s trussed up, held against his chest by something that’s part sling, part restraint. He can sense the cold of the plate embedded in his shoulder and feels like a thief.

Why I loved it: Not Less is a wonderful story. Bucky, Clint, Tony and Steve were hit by some magic and switched their - lets call them - disabilities, even though that doesn't hit the nail on the head. Anyway, now it's Bucky who's deaf and Clint who's got a metal arm and ... better go and read the rest for yourself.

If you're a Harry/Draco fan you've probably all have read at least one fic by Sara Holmes. She writes MCU fics now and - of course - they are as great as her Harry Potter fics. To my astonishment I realised she has as much a faible for Bucky/Clint as she has for Bucky/Steve. As I love the more unusual pairings I just had to give the former a try.

Boy, am I glad I did. It's so wonderful to see Clint and Bucky grow close because they try to help each other. The story is told from Clint's pov and I just love him. He's so grateful to be able to hear again, but also feels guilty as fuck about it. He's also struggling big times with Bucky's arm as it's much too forceful for him. But life goes on, and it is so, so good to see them deal with it. In the end they all are not less than they've been before that magical accident. It's an awesome little story and I reread it whenever it comes to my mind (the blessings of shorter fics :D)!

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Title: Complications
Author: favicon flawedamythyst
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing(s) James "Bucky" Barnes/Clint Barton
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 84.227
Warnings/Tags: Post-Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie), Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Main Pairing is Clint/Bucky, Mention of past violence towards children

Summary: Clint's got a plan to retire and go find himself a simple life at his family's old farm. Simple is good, right? Easy to remember. Simple is why he doesn't really mind that his soul-print has never activated, because a soulmate could only add another layer of complexity to his life.

And then the Winter Soldier turns up at his archery range on the Avengers base, and simple slips through Clint's fingers.

Post Age-of-Ultron (minus Clint's wife&kids) Soulmate AU.

Why I loved it: Aw, this fic is just too lovely. Clint has these big plans for retiring from the Avengers, because being one of the only non-enhanced in the group sucks, especially when your joints don't like to get smashed into concrete or fall from heights any longer. But then Bucky shows up at the Avenger compound and Clint's the first to meet him. Somehow that sparkes a connection between them as does the fact that they share a past where mind control was involved. They just get each other. It takes them a while to realise there's even more connecting them.

I won't tell more, for example are there some interesting side pairings (beyond an obvious one), but I really loved this fic's writing style. No wonder as flawedamythyst is one of my favourite multifandom writers (I especially love her Sherlock and MCU fics) with an awesome sense of humour. There can never be enough to laugh about in the world. And yes, I really loved how she wrote Clint in this one. There's already a finished sequel (Publications) available which finished the series. I haven't read it so far, but am really looking forward to do so.

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Title: Planned Impossibilities
Author: favicon Mollz
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing(s): none, Tony-centric
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 31,157
Warnings/Tags: sciencebros, Not Slash, Fury is a dick, Beware inconsistent updating, Loki does NOT just get off the hook for what he's done

The universe has rules.

Sometimes, people are mistaken about what those rules are. (Humans can't learn magic.)

Sometimes, you can find a creative work-around. (Thanos destroys everything in his path.)

Sometimes, it turns out that the rules contradict each other. (F = G * (m1*m2)/(r^2) + Flight spells.)

But there are still a few rules that are supposed to be hard and fast. (People don't come back from the dead.)

And those are the rules that Tony Stark takes as a challenge.

Why I loved it: This story isn't like any other I've ever read. It's bizarre, but oh so wonderful. Acutally, it's the 2nd part of a series, but as this one impressed me even more than its prequel I picked this to rec.

Tony disappeared 2 3 years ago - well let's be honest - he died, and suddenly he's back. He can't remember much of the afterlife, but knows about a few things he has to do. So he does, and it all gets only more complicated and Bruce, Loki and the others try to follow his weird doings. Don't worry, it all makes sense in the end, and along the way you will read a story about friendship, dreams, death, and the laws of the universe (magic and physics included). It's hard to really describe Planned Impossibilities, but I'm so glad I found it in someone's bookmarks. Mollz has a faboulus writing style and Tony is hilarious in this one (they all are). It hasn't even a slash pairing and yet I love it to pieces. If you have a penchant for the weirdos, the impossible or the bizarre (a là Jasper Fjorde and Douglas Adams), you should give this fic and the whole series a try. So worth it.

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