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I chose these [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest fics to rec before the reveals were up and didn't know two of them were written by the same author. Anyway, they were picked because they all are brilliant and got imo way too little attention.

Title: Villa Zabini
Author: favicon cabinetcaligari[ profile] cabinetcaligari
Pairing(s): Blaise/Albus Severus
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,110
Content/Warnings: Cross-Generation Relationship, Harry Potter Next Generation, Non-Linear Narrative, First Time, Loss of Virginity, Anal Sex

Summary: Scorpius and Albus travel through Italy to celebrate leaving Hogwarts. They visit the Malfoy’s family friend, Blaise Zabini. However, when Scorpius leaves after only a day, Albus stays behind.

Why I loved it: This story. It's poetic and beautiful. It makes me want to write myself. Of days spend in shimmering heat at the sea, turquoise battling azure and verdigris water, and summer days that leave you detached from reality, like this dream too good to be true. I read it and reread it immediately. I'm still in awe about its imagenary. If you haven't read it, please do yourself a favour and read it. You might want to put on some music from Ludovico Einaudi, like Le onde (the waves), and will probably leave all thoughts of a cold, dark autumn day behind.

Excerpt )


Title: Dear Lily, Dear Hugo
Author: favicon Ely_baby[ profile] ely_baby
Pairing(s) Lily/Hugo
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,548
Content/Warnings: Cousin Incest, Implied Sexual Content, Epistolary, Letters, Weddings

Summary: Lily and Hugo are getting married and Rose has thought up the best gift ever to give them.

Why I loved it: We all have been to weedings and maybe even had one were we were a lucky bride or groom. So you know about the tradition to create something special for the happy couple? Sometimes it's done in advance, sometimes on the weeding day itself. As a married person myself let me tell you such an individually created book/journal/picture book/whatever is the best thing to get. It doesn't matter if you look at such a gift days, months, or years later, it will always make you smile. You remember your wedding day and all the love you felt then and hopefully you're still feeling about your partner, family, and friends.

Now think about such a beautifully gift given to Lily and Hugo by all their relatives and friends participating. Believe me it's not cheesy (or only a little bit), it's mostly hilariously funny because of the people who write their letters to Lily and Hugo. The author did an amazing job portraing a developing relationship, family ties and love in every from. It's stunning. Don't miss a perfect little story just because it's about a het pairing or written in epistolary form.
PS—My favourite letters were from Charlie, Percy (yes, really), and this one from Ron.

Excerpt )


Title: Second Skin
Author: favicon cabinetcaligari[ profile] cabinetcaligari
Pairing(s) Lorcan/Lysander
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,949
Content/Warnings: Pining, Jealousy, POV First Person, POV Alternating, Angst, Siblings, Background Relationships, Masturbation, Ambiguous/Open Ending

Summary: People always say we’re attached at the hip, Lorcan and I. He feels like home to me, and I trust him more than anyone. But there are things even Lorcan cannot know.

Why I loved it: This story is an absolute killer. It hooks itself into your heart and won't you let go. Not for hours, days ... weeks by now. I picked about five different parts for an excerpt and am still sure I didn't do it justice. Yes, it's a story about love between twins that are more to each other than 'just' brothers. But they don't know. Not Lysander, not Lorcan. It's beautiful and heartbreaking.

It ends open and we don't know what will happen afterwards, but it's perfect this way. You can make up your own ending. What will you choose? Bring them together? Keep them appart? It took me while to realise that it doesn't matter, because they are already each other's second skin, and yet it's so much fun to visualise fitting scenarios. As I said, it's perfect. Really wish I could leave more kudos and more love for this one...

Excerpt:I love to tell him about the things I’ve read, and the stories I daydream about. But most of all, I love to tell him about the adventures of two brothers on a Magisafari in rainforests, burning hot deserts, and the dark depths of the ocean. I tell him about their adventures, and he hangs on my every word, mouth hanging open and eyes shining. He searches out my hand, his fingers weaving around mine, and I tell my stories until his breathing evens out. I hold his hand until I fall asleep too, wishing life would always stay this way.

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So, 2016's [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest reveals have gone up and it's time to claim the naughty little fic I wrote. It was tough to write two fics at a time and I might have showered the other story with more attention (my FrostIronBang fic In Dreams We Share in case someone was wondering).
But I had such great fun writing a pwp story around a naughty Hugo, my first threesome no less. It was so delightful to let Hugo lust after Harry, and then after Draco too, and when he finally managed to get them both ... Man, he was a lucky and very debauched ginger boy in the end. LOL

Well, I can't refrain to point out that I'm a bit disappointed about the feedback most of the next gen fics got. Grace, our fabulous mod, and lots of other people promoted the fest and yet, the rare pairings didn't get much attention. Yes, I get that most people love Albus/Scorpius and Teddy/James the most, but you miss out if you're not even willing to read other things too. My rec post will go up in the next few days and I won't rec the fest's favourites. Not only because they've been recced a lot already, but because my heart is still bleeding for some wonderful stories that nearly nobody has read.

Seriously, I can't complain. Chosing a threesome and 2nd ppov at the same time, yes I knew it wouldn't be a biggie. You won't get many readers with such a combination, and look at the brilliant feedback I got. *hearts everybody*
Yet it was funny to see how my other story skyrocketed on ao3 compared to the nextgen fic. In a fandom I've haven't written before it got more than tenfold of attention in half the time. And Tony and Loki aren't the most beloved pairing of MCU fandom either. Maybe there are too many fests but a lot less people in hp fandom atm? Well, I'm a loss here. But I'll stop my rambling and go and write my rec post now.

Title: In Debauchery
Author: [ profile] nia_kantorka
Pairing(s) Hugo/Harry/Draco, Hugo/Harry, Hugo/Draco, Harry/Draco (established relationship)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,330
Content/Warnings: Harry Potter Next Generation, Cross-Generation Relationship, Age Difference, Threesome - M/M/M, Open Relationships, Background Relationships, Past Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Oral Sex, Blow Jobs, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Spitroasting

Summary: You have wanted Harry for as long as you could remember. You don’t even mind that Harry got himself a lover. Draco Malfoy is quite exquisite after all. When they want to hook up with you to add some zest to their relationship, you think that’s what paradise must be like.

Author's notes:
Big thanks to [ profile] candamira and [ profile] digthewriter for being the fastest alpha and beta readers one can wish for! [ profile] gracerene, you are patient, kind, and always willing to help. No clue what fandom (and I) would do without you. Thanks for hosting this fest again! May all the next gen characters gather much love. [ profile] themightyflynn, I hope you’ll enjoy what I did with your prompt.
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I'm sure everybody and their dog has seen [ profile] lokifan's love meme already, but I'm also sure there are more people on your flists that are worth all the love you have to give. It's really great to see all these comments - my owns made me smile broadly and sigh happily.
Thanks everybody who's taking part! ♥

Oh yes, and the fabulous [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest posted its last entry yesterday. The update of the 3rd week should be up soon, the anon masterlist too. It was a bit slowgoing this year and I'm not sure if that's due to people not being here anymore, disinterest, or busy lives. I still hope some of you will take the time and read some of the fabulous entries. My favourites will go up in a rec post after the revealed masterlist is up. But yeah, take a look. There're some hidden treasures to find.
[ profile] hp_nextgen_fest

Art by [ profile] anemonen, Banner by [ profile] capitu

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! ♥
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We got the preliminary posting schedule for FrostIron Bang on tumblr today and guess what? My fabulous artist and I will be the first to post.

Yup, it's really going to happen. *wrings her sweaty hands*
The art will blow peoples' mind as it is absolutely stunning. Let's hope my story can entertaining as well. I did my best, [ profile] candamira held my hand for months, and [ profile] gracerene had reserved me a spot for her wonderful beta skills even though she was (and is) up to her neck in work.

I'm super happy that [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest starts posting on Halloween as that will keep me occupied until it's 11/11 and beyond. :D
[ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] anemonen, Banner by [ profile] capitu

So many exciting things in November and at its end it's not even Christmas. ;P
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Haven't posted in a while, but except from posting in my own journal I'm quite active in fandom(s) at the moment. :D

The muse is back, and she came with a vengeance. Nope, not complaining. On the contrary, I'm so very happy about it. I'm slightly ahead of my schedule with the MCU fic and decided spontaneously to reward myself. How do writers reward themselves? Yupp, I signed-up for more writing and claimed a prompt of [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest.

Might have started this fic today and now there are two stories I'm eager to write. LOL
Months of no writing at all and now... can't even decide what to do first. Such a shame I have a job and a family and cannot write all the time.

So, in case you haven't looked at the fabulous nextgen prompts so far, here they are:
come join [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] anemonen, Banner by [ profile] capitu

Oh yeah, and have you visited this year's crossgen fest? No?! You miss out. It's the last week of posting and the art has been great so far. Wonderful fics have been posted too. I can't even name all my favourites without wronging the other stories. Please, go and take a look.
come join [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [ profile] thilia, Banner by [ profile] capitu


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