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It took a while to gather my courage and tamper with Sherlock. Now, that I did it, I'm eager to try again on the next occasion. :D

Written for [ profile] lyricaxxx for the [ profile] holmestice Winter Solstice Exchange 2015.

Title: Playing
Fandom: Sherlock TV/Sherlock BBC
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: ~7400
Warnings/Tags: BDSM, D/s, switching (dynamics), bad Dom-etiquette (for the case), spanking, fingering, oral sex, rimming, anal sex, top!John (switching implied), and lots of feelings thrown in the mix

Summary: It was Mycroft who wanted John and Sherlock to catch a murderer at a BDSM party. It was Sherlock who decided that John would be the submissive. It was John who finally got Sherlock sprawled naked across his bed.

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] candamira for taking the first look and giving me so much helpful feedback, to [ profile] lauren3210 who did one hell of a fast beta job, and to [ profile] gracerene who checked the boys for being IC and helped me polish this fic's edges. You rock! ♥

Playing on AO3

Playing on LJ
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Dear f-list!

I got the most wonderful Sherlock-gift over there on Winter [ profile] holmestice ever. It's title:

Where's My Scarf (A Choose Your Own Adventure Story) (

And I really, really beg everyone to go and check it out. I’ve never seen such a concept (a CYOAS) in Sherlock fandom - or in any other fandom - ever before. And I’m over the moon with what that wonderful Anon Author put together.

This is an interactive CYOA story created for the 2015 Holmestice exchange.

Taggedy Tags:
Pairing: Sherlock/John (Or not! You choose!)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic depictions of rebar, some butt stuff, character death, too many bees
Summary: A Choose Your Own Adventure story set in the ruins of a far-future London. Help Sherlock find his missing scarf, or don't! You decide.

I mean seriously, they even created the story’s own LJ for the occasion:

Here take a look at the start. And that’s only the cover - wait until you get to choose your first masks...
Read more... )

I've been choosing masks and options for the past day and I'm still in awe about this gift. Gosh, I’m so in love with the story and its concept, and have the dire need to hug my Anon Author to pieces.

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Most of the things happening in Sherlock Holmes fandom buzzle on tumblr. But there is this wonderful exception - [ profile] holmestice, the Sherlock Holmes Solstice Exchange on LifeJournal. It has been posting fics and art for a week now. And because I’m not sure if all stories will be posted on AO3, I just have to rec a few of my favourites:

Titel: Bright Heart (on AO3) by current anon for [ profile] what_alchemy.
Summary: At the center of the Labyrinth lives a monster — or so it’s said.

Why I loved it: Just imagine Greek mythology meeting Sherlock BBC - a beautiful combination. The anon author knows their words and has created a wonderful atmosphere. The Greek equivalent of John is the sacrifice and well, I can’t tell you more about the prince and the moster. See for yourself how utterly gorgeous words are woven, unlike John’s woolen wrap which is unpicked to lead the way...


Titel: Tea at the End of the World by current anon for [ profile] buttsnax
Summary: Sherlock, John, and the K-Pg extinction event.

Why I loved it: Okay, you need to know a thing about me to get my fascination for that story. I’m a vet, and even though I’m working as a medical editor right now, my love for biology, medicine and all things scientific is always there. Like, I don’t need eyeballs in my frigde, but wouldn’t bat an eyelash at them, and sooner or later I’d take a look from which species they might be... That said, this fic is a marvel.
There’s Sherlock, the not so good at flying carnivore and there’s John, the big herbivore, and they are mates - even if their neighbours had a hard time to comprehend. Well, and Sherlock’s feeling unwell, which is tedious, and a catastrophy is oncoming, at least Sherlock deduced it, and then something brilliant happens. And gosh, I’m so in awe about the idea, the writing style, and that they are so IC with their human counterparts. And all that in 1.5k words. If you don’t have much time, but love animals, even extinct ones, and want to see a great idea, go and read this fic. It’s a WONDER. <333


Titel: Boxes by current anon for @HiddenLacuna
Summary: The only uncovered flat surface in the room is the bed. Even on John’s bedside table, the alarm clock and his computer sit atop stacks of the books he unpacked yesterday. He hadn’t intended to unpack books, not until he’d actually cleared a path to the bookcase, but...he’d been hoping he’d find his missing pants at the bottom of the box.

Possibly, the state of the room says something deep and existential about the state of his life, the boxes both clutter and metaphor for the stagnation through which he wades everyday. Since he moved back into 221B, he’s felt as though he’s in limbo. His life and his heart, still packed up in boxes. Balanced, precariously, on a knife edge, waiting. Waiting. For what, he doesn’t know.

Why I loved it: This story is beautifully crafted. Following John’s thoughts while he unpacks boxes was hurtful, in the best kind of way. He finds a box which isn’t his all progresses from there. And it the end, John doesn’t wait anymore. It’s an amazing fic and an impressive character study.


There are at least two more storie’s I’d love to rec, but this post is already quite long. So, I’ll spare them for later. Oh yes, and my own story is in the pool of fics as well, but I won’t tell a word about it before the reveals. They will go up - you might have guessed it by the Exchange’s name - on the 21st, at Winter Solstice. Take a look. It’s worth it!

These recs were more or less posted on my tumblr first. Then I thought maybe someone on my f-list here likes to see them as well.
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There are still a few fics of the Sherlock BBC and ACD fics of Summer [ profile] holmestice 2015 I haven't read, but I read a lot of wonderful fics during the last 15 days and need to rec three of them because they got stuck in my brain. All excerpts are under a cut.

Title: The Rumble of a Distant Drum (AO3)
Author: current anon
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3440
Content/Warnings: Alternate Universe - Apocalypse, Angst, Romance, Apocalypse, Implied Character Death, Post-Season/Series 03, First Time, Bees, Sherlock's Violin, POV Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Nine days after John's daughter is born, the apocalypse starts.

Why I loved it: Yes, this fic contains the Apocalypse, so not only John and Sherlock are going to die in the end. The why doesn't really matter the how does though. But even when everything is going to hell, it's a wonderful story full of love. A story of finally finding each other, of first times, of beautifully woven thoughts about life and death and about the fact that everything is better with the one's we love- even imminent death. The writing style was extraordinary and it felt much deeper and longer than the 3.5k it was. I can't wait to find out who wrote this gem.

Excerpt )

Title: Swoon (LJ)
Author: current anon
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3500
Content/Warnings: none
Summary: Sherlock keeps fainting. There are approximately five different reasons why this might be happening. Possibly six.

Why I loved it: Jesus, just take a look at the scene titles. I'm such a sucker for a unique way to name parts of a story. Sherlock was so IC here, blunt, awkward, rude and a force on his own. But he was also very much and deeply in love with John. God, it really made my heart ache when he said to himself that he could wait three times. And the ending. You'll swoon over it, that's for sure. Such a wonderful ending. I hope the author will upload it on AO3 because this story should get all the kudos. *nods*

Excerpt )

Title:Midnight at the Murder Garden (AO3)
Author: current anon
Pairing(s) Sherlock/John
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,087
Content/Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, BDSM, Control Kink, Descriptions of graphic murder and torture, Oral Sex, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Slow Build, Play Party, Anachronism, Clothing Kink, secret clubs, Undercover, Undercover as a Couple, Plot was not the point, Sherlock Is A Bit Not Good, John is a bit not good, Friends to Lovers, Romance, One-Sided Relationship, Anal Sex, Triggers, Treats of Rape/Non-Con
Summary: A series of gruesome deaths lead Sherlock and John into the underground world of posh play parties and dungeons. To attract the attention of the murderer they find themselves undercover at one of the most prestigious parties in London, where the entrance fee takes more than just money.

Why I loved it: Oh, a clever and wonderful explicit story with some of my favourite tropes and kinks. Undercover investigation as a couple...yes, please. Dom/sub dynamics...unf, Sex on display...*fans herself*. It's not all about the porn though. There was a wonderful gruesome case and though the author told the plot was not the point (as it's tagged), it was definitely thrilling to read. Oh, and there were leather trousers and great costumes too. :D

[It's not relevant for the plotline, but the frist name of the villian was chosen a bit oddly- I'm sorry, but Adelburt is not an old German name (or of a German speaking country). If you'll ever need such a name, better pick Edelbert or Adalbert.]

Excerpt )


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