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Today my wonderful and beloved friend [ profile] iwao has posted my b-day present. Did you see it? Did you see HIM? It's a pic of the most stunning Draco ever (at least for me) because he is based on my [ profile] hd_smoochfest story (A Perfect Denial). Yeah, I'm such lucky girl!

Isn't he one of the coolest guys you've ever seen? He's not only a rock star, but has a mohawk (a bit turqoise no less), he has some awesome tatts and wears a star vest plus vinyl jacket without batting an eyelash. :D

In case you've missed him, you could squint at my icon or take a closer look at him on Iwao's journal here. I'm going to post the pic in my story too, but have to wait until the fic is officially listed in my own works on AO3.

Yes, and I've got another present this week; a little drabble written by the wonderful [ profile] roelliej. Gosh, I could relate quite well to Harry and Draco here.
This gift from roelliej is not only mine but for our friend Alisanne too. She is in dire need of some cheering up and I would want to enchourage everyone who hasn't already visited the com to do so. It's that one [ profile] healing_fluff. Even if you're not very familiar with Ali, I'm sure you've seen her fics all over the place. She's such a talented lady and able to write every HP pairing under the sun. Please go and leave her some love. Thank you!

I've been so lucky this week - time to pass it on!
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For the las'ight or so I really thought I had to withdrawl from the fest I'm writing my current fic for. No words, no ideas, nothing. I wrote the start of that story in May and since then not a single word. It was ok during June because I wanted to read all the things (worked well), but I've been getting more and more nervous since the 1st of July. Last Friday (after having procrastinated for hours on the internet while trying to write some words in that doc) I sat at my desk and asked myself what to do if things would go on like this.

Well, I told myself that I'd try one more week before I'd give up. Thanks to all the deities (or whomever I have to thank for sending my muse back to me) it's no longer necessary. Wrote some prompt required things yesterday and today (while making coffee and foaming milk ) it all came together; How to end this damn story and where to go from the scene I stopped yesterday.

Hurray- I don't need to drop out of the fest or submit some story I'd have been embarrassed about. Probably shouldn't shout out that loud as it isn't finished yet, but I'm so relieved. It's irrational to get that angsty about such a thing (nobody's about to die, the world is still spinning and there are so many bigger problems to think about), but for unbeknown reasons I just do.

So, yeah, crisis averted. :D

I'm going out with a friend tonight (late b-day present :D) and just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful morning/day/evening/night!

Cheers! ♥

P.S.: Thanks to [ profile] digthewriter I'm able to decorate this post with some oh-mime of John and that wonderful smirk of Sherlock.

P.P.S.: I want to change my LJ layout and I've found one I like (the colours, the clean style) except for the header pic. Is there a way to change the header pic without me crashing the code? And how do I even get into the code (there's a shortkey I sometimes enter and than I see the page's code, but I never pressed those keys deliberately)? Maybe some of my more css-talented friends could help me? If it's too elaborate, I'd skip the whole idea.


Jul. 1st, 2015 11:48 pm
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Ha! I'm such a lucky and happy girl. Yesterday I saw a post on the LJ of my relatively new friend [ profile] indybaggins. She offered a ticket for this production of Hamlet this summer and fall in London. I saw about it on tumblr and looked more or less wistfully if tickets were available (nope, all sold out except for the daily tickets).

So, I saw this post at 5 pm, discussed the options with Mr Kantorka around 6-6.30 pm. As everyone with children (or friends/family with children) know, you have to plan ahead and make compromises about goodies like 'alone time'. My wonderful and most beloved man said I should go, grab the ticket and have a good time (♥). Later that evening I told Indy I'd take the ticket. Then I asked a friend from college if I could crash on her sofa (which I can :D) and booked a flight. Today I've payed for the actual ticket (didn't want to jinx it) and can tell you about it.

I did a lot of things 'on the spur of the moment' during my college days and it was great to make such a spontaneous decision again after years of none of that. Guess, who has been brimming with happiness the whole day? :D

- I've never seen such a famous actor giving a theatre performance. It's not such a tradition to do both (or start with one and then do the other) here and, tbh, we don't really have that many famous actors in Germany at all, no matter if they perform on stage, make movies or work in tv productions.
- I've never seen a Shakespeare play on stage (just saw films) and never in English (need to read it as preparation :D).
- I've never been to Barbican.
And now I'm going to London and SEE all of it!

I could squeeee a bit more, but after doing so the whole day I'm a bit exhausted. So, better go and catch up on the last (second last? will there be more?) Smooch fic.


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