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These lists are quite fun, and here's mine:

Well, I hope I'm outgoing and open-minded. A person that's easy to please. I can stand nearly everything on my dislike not-so-fond-off-list. Especially, if it's done by a favourite artist/author of mine or it got recced by someone whose verdict I trust.

I'm a multishipper and a multifandom person. Normally, I hop from one fandom to the other like a butterfly. I have a hard time reading the pairing I'm currently writing. Therefore what I read and what not can change from one day to the next.

I love slash the most. Occasionally, I will read fem-slash or het too, but don't count on it. Oh, and I do like threesomes or polyamorous stories.

Make the characters smart. Yes, that's realitve, and cleverness can show in many ways. But if characters can show me something new or are total nerds themselves, I will probably love them to pieces. The list of my favourite pairings speaks for itself: many prodigies and doctors among them (further below). As a former scientist who's a medical editor now I can't help it.

Likes - in general )

Squirks - in general )

Fandoms )

to be continued...
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Today it's been 36-37°C, tomorrow the temperatures should reach 39-40°C. Let me tell you that we're not used to such high temperatures here. Therefore everyone is still doing things in the middle of the day or in the afternoon and it's terrible. I have problems with heat-related headaches at the moment (no matter how much I drink or eat). They go away when I take some Paracetamol, but I hate to eat them like sweets.

Well, that's why I've been quieter than usual, still don't have read the last Smooch (seriously, how difficult can it be to read one more fic?), and have managed to do only half of the things I wanted to.

It can't be helped, and I'm trying to have an early night. I'm sorry, all messages, fics and whatnot have to wait until Sunday or so (it should be better around Wednesday, but tomorrow the current heat wave should reach its peak). I don't see me reaching my writing goal in the word war on [ profile] hd_writers, but it can't be helped. At least I managed to write my review on Slaughterhouse-Five for our German book blog.

When I think about the word war and my current obsession with the Sherlock fic Letters from Sussex (recced it already)- I should count the comment I've left on AO3 today for the word war. My book review was around 600 words long, my comment had over 700 words. It took me an hour or so to write it (there are still some mistakes in it [I can't be left off the leash without my beta], but it's to late because readers of this fic are actually talking to each other in the comment section and I love that). Well yes, amazing fic is still amazing (no matter how hurt everyone was and is about John's latest letter)!

Good night!
*puts an imaginary ice cold sprinkler on*
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Thanks for all the well wishes for our little one! She has still fever- thankfully under 39°C (no medication necessary) but isn't nauseous anymore. So, I'm mostly online via mobile and not really writing things or commenting properly because it's just a nuisance on the phone.

But I had some lovely reading time while we lay on the sofa or bed together (and she grabbing my hand like a limpet) these last days. And man, I've had some luck with the chosen fics recently:

- It all started with the wonderful Sherlock fic 'The Edinburgh Problem' by snorklepie (rec is here, 2nd last)

- Then I read this great story on [ profile] hp_mhealthfest 'The Butterfly Effect' by current anon. Seriously, go and take a look at that adorable Ron and how he is going to help a cursed Draco.

- Oh, then came 'The Gilded Cage' by BeautifulFiction. Yes, this is me reccing another Alpha/Omega fic. It's such a complex story with a rogue society, some great ideas on Alpha/Beta/Omega biology, a very intruiging case - at least for me as a scientist - which maybe distracts a bit from the MC's relationship at first but becomes so much more over time. So, watch it while reading! :D
I gutted this 327k fic in 3,5 days and am still in awe about it (need to write a proper rec soon).

- And one more. Inception this time. Or an Inception/Nothing Hill fusion to be more precise. 'I Seem to Be a Verb' by Aja (Bookshop on tumblr). You see. There's Arthur with his Nothing Hill bookstore and one day Eames (the big actor) shows up and grabs a book Arthur never wanted to sell. And I learned some things about architecture, three-word-book-titles, Buckminster Fuller and movies I've never heard of. This fic was 93k of gold.

I'm reading a Merlin football AU at the moment told from Arthur's pov- 'There are no Gays in Football' by Malu_3. It's so cool to read finally about a sport I know a lot about. And yes, I can feel the heartbreak looming (it's 210k long and I'm just 18% in).

Well, it's still some days until Smoochfest and Holmestice start posting...

Hope you are all well! I try to answer my messages soon...
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God, f-list,
I hate myself. For being the daft bugger I am sometimes. Look what I did and tell me where I went wrong.
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I think this counts as my 2nd Something Every Day post.
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Friends, as not everyone has a tumblr account, I wanted to let you know about the shit that's currently going on ebookstree:

hab318princess replied to your post “What’s the big deal about the ebookstree thing?”

how do I get them to remove two of my fics off their site? and no, I was NOT asked!

Go to their contact form

Type DMCA Notice in the subject line and then input the following.

My name is [insert your pen name, then your legal name] and I am the legal copyright holder of the following works on your site:

[Insert list of all the pieces you want remove, plus the search term that uncovers these works on their site (try your username]

(E.g. The Gilded Cage Search term Beautifulfiction)

These works, originally archived at [insert your archive page] are being redistributed on etree books without my authorisation, and I ask that you immediately remove them in accordance with the DMCA legislation.

Please contact me at one of the following details, which are only to be used in reference to this particular DMCA case and may not be resold or redistributed.

provide valid email address. physical address and telephone number where possible

The information in the notification is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, I am the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Sign your pen-name/legal name by typing it

As far as I can tell, this provides them with all the information they request on their DMCA page. However, if anyone else thinks anything should be added, please let me know!

I was quite surprised to find two of mine there (one anon, one with name, none authorised) I checked a few of us. So far I've found fics from [ profile] saras_girl, [ profile] lumosed_quill/[ profile] traintracks, [ profile] digthewriter, [ profile] writcraft and [ profile] phoenixacid, [ profile] birdsofshore, [ profile] alisanne, [ profile] vaysh, [ profile] torino10154, [ profile] dysonrules, [ profile] dracogotgame, [ profile] disapparater, [ profile] alby_mangroves, [ profile] smallbrownfrog, [ profile] emansil_12, [ profile] icmezzo.

I'm still checking the names of my flist, but better check yourself.

They seem to pull fics and people randomly and sometimes they take the anon fest versions from AO3, so check for titles also. I even found covers (for Sherlock fics) and some podfics by [ profile] mab.

As you can see here AO3 knows about the problem. Fics from other sites than AO3 ( are affected as well. Wattpad might be too. Better check and send them a DMCA takedown notice.

ETA: strikeouts are not needed.
I've found some more: [ profile] iwao, [ profile] inell, [ profile] lightofdaye, [ profile] khalulu, [ profile] germankitty, [ profile] lomonaaeren, [ profile] lokifan, [ profile] lordhellebore, [ profile] nherizu, [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] sylvaticginger, [ profile] taradiane, [ profile] who_la_hoop, [ profile] zeitgeistic.
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On spring
Everytime I ride by bicycle to work I cross a weir. That's what our town looked like this afternoon.
So, yes, spring is really coming.

On reading
It's a bit sad. I've realised over the past months that I'm unable to write fics and read long fics with those characters (aka Harry/Draco) at the same time. It's messing up my focus. I can read other HP pairings or shorter H/D ones- but my own writing is working best when I read fics from other fandoms. So, I'm currently reading a bunch of Sherlock fics and some other stuff too. I feel a bit like I'm cheating on Harry and Draco, but I can't help it.

On reccing
Speaking of Sherlock- my goodness, there are some fantastic author's out there. A few of them have started with H/D fanfics and there are other's who are mainly HP shippers but write as multifandom writers other wonderful stuff. Well, I'm working on two or more rec posts at the moment and hope to do some of them justice. As most of Sherlock fandom is active on tumblr there might be a niche for some recs here.

On writing
I have started with my smooch fic and am having a lot of fun with my prompt. Tbh, I'm not sure anyone than my prompter, fans of X and I will like the resulting fic, but I don't particularly care. Yeah, even though smooch is so big and I'm probably going to embarrass myself, I've chosen that prompt only for my own sake- always wanted to write something like this. The last time I wrote something for myself it worked out quite well, but one never knows.

On music
Band X gives the soundtrack for my fic, but as much as I love them, I can't listen to their music all the time. So I'm listening a lot to Imagine Dragons, because they give some awesome Harry/Draco vibes as well (which was quite visible on smooch's prompt list- 5 prompts on their songs, 3 got claimed). And the best, they're coming to our neighbour town in fall and are giving a concert. And [ profile] candamira and I just bought tickets. We don't even have to go by car because the urban train stops right next to the arena. How cool's that?!

I'm still around, but am trying for a more healthy dose. One can't read all the things, do all the fests and comment on everything. Hope you don't mind because I love the time I spend here. :D
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Hope everybody had a good night and arrived safe and sound in 2015!
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I'm happy about the little fics I wrote 2014. AO3 told me the amount of words was around 46,5k. Not bad for less than half a year of writing, I think. Hopefully, there will be more, maybe with other pairings and in other fandoms.

So far, I'm not planning to attend many fests in 2015. I tried these past months and spoiled myself the fun of my favourite pairing. I just can't write and think about H/D and read their fics all the time. But feeling that way and looking for a stress relieve, I started to enjoy other fandoms, especially Sherlock, Suits, Generation Kill and 007. So, something good came from putting pressure on myself. :D

Yes, 2014 was quite a good year! I met some wonderful people, especially here on LJ. Thank you for being so heartwarming, talented and wonderful friends!
And I'm really looking forward to meet some of you in August in London for real!


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