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We got the preliminary posting schedule for FrostIron Bang on tumblr today and guess what? My fabulous artist and I will be the first to post.

Yup, it's really going to happen. *wrings her sweaty hands*
The art will blow peoples' mind as it is absolutely stunning. Let's hope my story can entertaining as well. I did my best, [ profile] candamira held my hand for months, and [ profile] gracerene had reserved me a spot for her wonderful beta skills even though she was (and is) up to her neck in work.

I'm super happy that [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest starts posting on Halloween as that will keep me occupied until it's 11/11 and beyond. :D
[ profile] hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [ profile] anemonen, Banner by [ profile] capitu

So many exciting things in November and at its end it's not even Christmas. ;P


Oct. 23rd, 2016 09:54 pm
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Heya friends!

Sorry, that I've been MIA for such a long time. Had to finish some fanish fest thingies, but - as of today - they're all done. Yay!
As you can see, I've already bought myself a reward. Was bored out of my mind of the old flowery LJ theme and love this pretty new one. To brush up my journal in general, I've also updated my "Likes and Dislikes" list and my "Masterlist" - both were out of date.

Next, I'm going to reply to some messages. I'm also thinking of doing this year's Rectober in November. I read tons of good fics these past months and would love to share some of them, but won't manage to rec everything in just a week. It'll be multifanish, so probably not that interesting for everyone. What do you think?

Have a lovely Sunday and a good start into the new week!
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Haven't done a pimping post in a while. Those are the fests I'm looking forward to the most at the moment.

Read more... )

I've left out [ profile] hd_erised because I'm not sure that'll be able to read much of H/D in December. For one I'm still satiated from smoochfest and I've signed-up for Winter [ profile] holmestice for the first time. So, I'll be probably reading a lot of Holmes fics from different fandoms and with different pairings. I'm afraid, I've become an even bigger fandom hopper than last year and cannot read too many fics of one pairing.
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Yeah, I'm mostly silent again. There are a few things that need my attention at the moment:

  • As I might have mentioned here or there *snicker*, I'm going to see Hamlet in London at the beginning of October and let's say I'm not very trained in listening to 16th century English. So, it's time for some preparation. LOL
    I'm reading Hamlet at the moment in a bilingual version, English first, German second (the German translation is from the early 19th century and it's been also some time since I read old-fashioned German too).

  • To get in sync with Mr C's baritone I'm listening to the first series of Cabin Pressure in the evenings. I got the CDs from [ profile] candamira and another lovely friend who lives right across the street as a b-day present and wanted to start them right away. To find the time to just sit and listen to something has been a bit difficult for me, but the past two night's I've been managing and LMAO in doing so.

  • Actually, I learned that I'm able to do something else, as long as I don't have to think about what I do. So it's no problem to craft some thingies for my pay-it-forward campaign. I might not be able to finish them all till the end of October, but hope to manage until the end of 2015. And if fandom friends get a Christmas present that's not bad either, right?

  • Signed up for [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest and am writing a little story for that. From now on Fridays will be mostly writing days again.

  • Of course I can't live without reading some things, and next to all Sherlock stories I read this one from HP fandom. And because I loved it and it hasn't got enough kudos and comments on AO3 and my [ profile] crack_broom month finished before I've read the story, I need to rec it here.

Title: Promise
Author: [ profile] drarryxlover (cathcer1984 on AO3)
Art: [ profile] imera
Pairing(s) Harry/Scorpius
Rating: NR-17
Word Count: 20,290
Content/Warnings: Non-Graphic Voilence, Aftermath of Torture, Felching
Summary: Harry and Scorpius are Auror partners who were kidnapped and tortured. This is the story of how they heal.
Why I loved it: This story had it all: big feelings, hurt, angst, lots of comfort, love, a date (OMG, that date was so, so cute and sweet) and some sexy times to smooth the creases of the bumpy journey of our MCs.
And the art is lovely. Did I mention that I love b/w art? So, the artist's pics are a treat and such a good match for the story.
Even if it's not your favourite pairing ever, it is a great story accompanied by some wonderful art and - seriously guys - just 9 kudos as of today is a bit not good. So, please, go and leave some love. ♥

Well, it's past midnight here and I'm off to bed. I hope you're all well, and if not well, on the way to doing better.
Hugs and kisses!
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Have you left some prompts on this year's [ profile] hd_fanart post? Today is your last chance to do so.

I've already wrecked my brain to come up with a few prompts. And I might have had some artists in my mind while choosing and writing down my prompts. So, I do hope my talented artist friends will take a look and recognise their call (haha, would be awesome if that's going to work).

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I did a lot of fandom things in May:

  • I managed to post 27 out of 31 days in May. My life isn't that interesting, so it was quite a suprise that I found so many things to talk about. Hope it wasn't too boring.

  • Mmh, everytime I look at [ profile] snowgall's (Links here for her f-list) top/bottom spreadsheet there are new fics empty in the top/bottom column in 2012? I'm sure nobody wants to mess with my head, but I'm also sure I read 24 of the 26 fics I wanted to add (and screened the other 2). You know, the data of 51 of 77 were already in before I started...
    Friends, please be careful. I just realised that one can easily erase some data. Just saying, because it nearly happend to me, and well, there is still information missing on 5 fics though I have entered some more information these past two days.

  • Yes, I've read a lot of Harry/Draco fics from 2012 holiday fest inbetween all my Sherlock and Inception and Avenger and whatnot fics- and enjoyed it very much. LOL Even left some comments and kudos on the ones I really liked though I'm not sure the author's will see soon. It felt good to do so. :D

  • I managed to write one and a half b-day fics- one for my lovely friend [ profile] candamira (Victor and Victims) the other with her (Sacrifice and Illusion). I'm really grateful for the feedback they both got.


banner by star_sailor13
2015 Smoochfest - Songspiration

is coming! Posting starts tomorrow! Yay.

Without a pretty banner, but [ profile] holmestice starts posting too on the 1st of June.
June will be a great reading month!
♥ ♥ ♥
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I've been quite busy these days. I managed to finish something, to write a review and to start something else. Ok, I didn't post every day, but think 15 out of 17 days in May is not that bad.

And I just realised that I put myself under more pressure than necessary. This last fest I've signed-up for is due late July. For unknown reasons I thought the fic had to be submitted in mid June. Must be some other fest schedule that got stuck in my brain. Such a nice surprise! But I was so attuned to writing today that I just did...first 'scene' is finished and I have an idea where to go from now on. So, yes, I should write more often without a tight schedule or any schedule at all. :D
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I'm still plagued by the cold which is terribly annoying. But after taking care of the (now healthy) little one for weeks my immune systems seems to be a bit of kilter. Well, I think the worst is over and am feeling a little better every day.

As I've posted before I wanted to sign-up for [ profile] hd_collab, but my partner in crime isn't up for any fests at the moment. I would have chosen it over [ profile] hd_smoochfest, because I really do LOVE collaborations. But as it is, we are doing this collaboration on our own, in our own time and whenever the muse struck us- and that's really a thing I'm looking forward to!
So, I am doing smoochfest. That's awesome, isn't it? And I'm really in love with the prompt I could claim and am going to write. But of course I can't say anything about it. ;p

And there's [ profile] fortheloveofhp, in fact Neville, and I love my claimed prompt here as well.

It will be some tough months, because my writing schedule jumped from zero to 100 in a week. But I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun as well. And I can proudly say one plotline is already settled and that's a good feeling. :D

Last but not least I want to wish my beloved friend, [ profile] gracerene, a wonderful and happy trip to Australia. Hon, enjoy your holidays and come back safe and sound! ♥
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[ profile] hd_collab is a new Harry/Draco collaboration fest.
Find a partner in crime and sign up together, or let us match you with one!
Sign-ups: March 2nd - 9th; Claiming: March 16th - 22nd
Rules || 2015 Schedule || Submission Info || Banners
Banner by [ profile] iwao

Seriously, I am. I really want to do [ profile] hd_collab. There are not only such wonderful banners, there are collabs and I love them.
And I found an irresistable prompt on [ profile] fortheloveofhp, I needed to sign-up for.
And there's [ profile] hd_smoochfest and there are two prompts now that could tempt me. What shall I do?
It would be too stressful to write for so many fests.

Why the heck can't I be a faster writer? One who doesn't choke on ever word. *sigh*
Sorry, it's no problem that needs to be solved by the world, but it's driving me a bit mad.
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Banner by [ profile] swissmarg

Oh, yes, I'm seriouly tempted here. If I just had more time and would write faster. Nevertheless, take a look at those wonderful banners or last year's submissions. I read some wonderful stories there!
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It might be no sportsmanship but I can't read so many H/D fics in one go at the moment. It know it's festival time and the most lovely fics were written for these fests, but I'm satiated. Over these past days I started to mix fics up and sometimes couln't even remember what I've read some hours ago. So, I'm downloading them all and will read them over time- hopefully, with all the joy and praise they'll deserve. And I'll be back and leave comments and love for all the authors.

But now I need to do some Christmas crafting, read some other things to relax, and stay away from my keyboard as much as possible.

Oh, and I don't need to forget to say "Thank you!":
[ profile] digthewriter, for the permission to use this lovely icon. ♥
[ profile] mab, hon! Your wonderful Christmas card arrived yesterday. So awesome. I'll take a pic and show it around asap. *hugs* ♥
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The last few days have been a blast. I could share so much positivity but I try to restrict myself a bit. :)

1. I got mail. Owl post to be precise. From my lovely and wonderful friend [ profile] digthewriter. When she started her Pay it Forward I expected to get a drabble or one of her colourful paintings. And what did I get. All of it and more. ♥


Do you see the Harry Potter stamps? Dig printed out a painting of hers. And wrote me a drabble. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this letter in my mail. Dig, you are awesome. Thank you so so much! ♥ ♥ ♥
That made my day.

2. I got an idea yesterday. Shared it with my dearest friend [ profile] candamira and she jumped on the train. We did some brainstorming at the playground and I nearly wetted my pants while laughing about all our crazy ideas. And now we are working together on a short fic. You can't imagine how much fun it is. To see someone else working with your idea, creating awesome input all the while. It's such a great thing to do. For the first time it is an advantage that we are ELS. We can write in English and comment in German without getting confused- and I'm giggling like a lunatic all the time.

3. I did a lot of writing yesterday. First I worked on my [ profile] hd_erised (yay, I managed to finish a difficult scene) and then Canda and I started our little project. Well, I wrote 2.495 words yesterday. That's a really huge amount for me. I know a lot of you knock this out in no time, but I'm fairly proud of myself when I write around 1.000 words on a good day. So, it put me on high adrenaline the whole morning. :D

4. Do you follow [ profile] hp_silencio and [ profile] hd_fan_fair? I read and saw some awesome things during these last days on Silencio with some very rare and unique povs. Career fair started yesterday and the first posts were awesome. The art. OMG. This fic. Hilariously funny. Go and take a look.


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