Oct. 23rd, 2016 09:54 pm
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Heya friends!

Sorry, that I've been MIA for such a long time. Had to finish some fanish fest thingies, but - as of today - they're all done. Yay!
As you can see, I've already bought myself a reward. Was bored out of my mind of the old flowery LJ theme and love this pretty new one. To brush up my journal in general, I've also updated my "Likes and Dislikes" list and my "Masterlist" - both were out of date.

Next, I'm going to reply to some messages. I'm also thinking of doing this year's Rectober in November. I read tons of good fics these past months and would love to share some of them, but won't manage to rec everything in just a week. It'll be multifanish, so probably not that interesting for everyone. What do you think?

Have a lovely Sunday and a good start into the new week!
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God, it's too late. I've developed a huge crush on a third fandom aka third main ship - Arthur/Eames from Inception. I had a first crush after I read Pet by [ profile] ladyvader. It's got tremendously bigger since I've started reading [ profile] earlgreytea68's Inception fics. That way I found her link to knackorcraft's Inception Guide For Beginners. And now I'm lost. Those lists. All the fics on them all brilliant (at least the ones I've read so far). So, yes, I blame EGT too. ;p
Best time ever for getting the knack of another fandom with some big fests starting in my other most beloved fandoms. *shackes head at herself*
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banner by [ profile] capitu

Rectober has been just wonderful. I found some new fandoms, a new pairing I adore and in general some great and lovely fics (art and vids as well). So, thank you, [ profile] birdsofshore, for this October treat. Thank you [ profile] capitu and [ profile] raitala again for these awesome banners (I’m going to miss them in my f-list). :D

I wish everyone a happy Halloween– if you are celebrating or not, have a good day and weekend!

Ok, here are some of the fics I managed to read (based on rec posts or recs I got in comments or messages) and loved. I read some more but one can’t love all the things.

Looking at this list I know why I haven’t read as much Career Fair fics as I wanted to. But I did read a lot of things. Be warned this post is going to be long. You'll find H/D recs at its end.
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