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I'm working as fast as I can on a fest fic which is due *cough, cough* next week. If all goes as planned, I should be done on Friday (at the latest on Sunday) and I would need a beta who goes over it as fast as they can manage.

My usual alpha and betas are a) betaing other people's fics, b) betaing a much longer fic of mine, c) working on their own stuff, d) busy with life or e) all of the above.

Oh yes, it's currently 2.1k and probably won't get longer than 3-3.5k. It's slash and not my usual pairing. Let's talk about its kinky details via pm.

I know it's a lot to ask on such short notice, but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! <3

ETA: Awesome, I'm set. Thanks to the brave soul who bears with me!
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Yes, I finished another fic for a fest and am looking for a beta now.

Here are the details:
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Gen: Draco/Harry
Era: EWE, AU
Need Help With: SPaG, Wording, Britpicking
Length: ~9.6k
Deadlines?: due to 31th August
Warnings/Contains: none (except the rating)
Other Info: Yes, I'm an ESL, so be aware that it could be more than one beta-ing round.

I'm going to crosspost it to [ profile] hp_betas_wanted but would love to give this baby to someone from my flist.

It's settled. Thank you!
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Yeah, I'm taking off tomorrow morning on a four-day journey to Edinburgh. *squeees*
I'm meeting some blog fellows on a Romance Author and Reader Event. Contemporary Romance isn't my primary book choice but once in a while I love to read one. And Edinburgh! I've never been to Scotland before and am super duper excited to visit this city. ♥ Everyone who has been there loved it.

And there's more. I've finished my first fest fic two hours ago. *does a silly dance* :)
I'm going to read it once more before I'll send it to my BookLikes beta. After that I'll have to find another one here. Next week I'll post it at the appropriate place. If you feel the need to read by all means a hd fest fic ~4.000 words, have the time and need the money just kiddin, please send me a PM.

Now, I have to start packing for real. But the essentials are settled (smoochfest fics on the reader - check, reacharger cables for all the devices - check, earphones - check, toothbrush - check).

Take care!


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