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Merry Christmas, dear f-list! In case you're not celebrating Christmas, happy holidays!
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Hope you all enjoy good food, great presents and your loved ones around!

Hugs! ♥
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Title: Stumbled Upon a Git, for [ profile] fortheloveofhp (Round 3 - Neville)
Author: [ profile] nia_kantorka
Pairing(s) Neville/Harry
Rating: R
Word Count: 2835
Content: humour, plants, Herbology, explicit language
Summary: How Neville and Harry got rid of their ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend in no time and stumbled into each other’s arms on the way.

I did fiddled a bit with it. All new or remaining mistakes are my own. [ profile] candamira and [ profile] iwao did their best to make it better. Thank you, ladies!

Sadly, I cranked my neck and nape badly and all muscles have turned into a tangled mess of steel. So, my desk and I have to part ways for a few hours, nights, idk how long now. I should probably take it easy for the next days as I have to work on a pc at work too. If I'm not my usual chatty self, that's why.
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I was tagged by [ profile] shiftylinguini and am happy to oblige in this meme. ;p

Here are five things that make me happy:

  1. Summer sun: It's currently summer here and I love all the sun we get. Yes, it gets pretty fast too hot in our flat, but all in all summer is just the best season. Blue sky, sun, being outside, varnished toe nails (I'm too lazy to do that when nobody is going to see it), ice cream, open air swimming pools, riding the bike all the time - yes, I definitely love summer.

  2. Reading: This month is a reading blast. I've taken a break from writing and am just enjoying all the things that have been popping up (on my dashboard, my mobile, via AO3notifications and on tumblr). I read a lot of [ profile] holmestice, all the [ profile] hd_smoochfest fics so far and a lot of [ profile] hprarefest too. And I even managed to read a book in-between all the fics. Happy times, indeed!

  3. Music: In a way music is much more important than reading to me. I'd go barmy without it. Music helps me to concentrate, to do all the deeds I hate (vacuum cleaning or cleaning the bathrooms without music is unbearable) and is always able to lighten my mood.

  4. My family: I love them with all my heart, even though they can get terribly on my nerves. :D

  5. Fandom/Talking to people around the world: It's not that I don't love my rl friends, on the contrary I love them to pieces. Yet, I love that blogging, fanfictions and fandom coaxed me into talking to people from all over the world. It's so much fun to learn about all your lives, your surroundings, to get insight into your culture. It's awesome to make friends; no matter where they are, what they look like, whom they love and what they do outside of fandom.

My turn to tag some friends (who like to do memes or talk about their lives and haven't been tagged so far [?], so only six instead of ten):
[ profile] my_thestral, [ profile] candamira, [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] isinuyasha, [ profile] lokifan and [ profile] huldrejenta
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At work I screen lots of medical newsletters on a daily basis. Today I've stumbled over 'The State of the World's Mothers 2015' report. It compares the conditions of/for mothers all around the world (179 countries were included into the stats).

You find data about mother's health, mortality of children (under the age of 5), education, income and the influence women/mothers have in their countries (political status).

The best conditions to live have mothers in
1. Norway
2. Finnland
3. Iceland
4. Denmark
5. Sweden
6. Netherlands
7. Spain
8. Germany
9. Australia
10. Belgium

France takes place 23 in the ranking, the UK #24 and the US #33. And for some other friends who might be interested; Slovenia #15, Austria #11, Slovakia #34 and Bolivia #88. Worst are the conditions for mothers or children in Somalia #179.

It's really intersting though very frightening to learn the absolute numbers here.
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Banner by [ profile] swissmarg

Oh, yes, I'm seriouly tempted here. If I just had more time and would write faster. Nevertheless, take a look at those wonderful banners or last year's submissions. I read some wonderful stories there!


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