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Wanted to rec more, but got hit by a head cold. Not sure if I'll manage to write another rec post in November. Will continue in December if needs must, as I have already two more themed posts planned.

Title: Lines That We'll Draw
Author: favicon VIII_XIII
Pairing(s) Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 21,086
Content/Warnings: Inception Reverse Bang, Epistolary, Slow Build, Introspection, there are major plot points that rely on art history, why can't I write an Inception story without any major plot points that rely on art history?, I'll link to images for people who don't know much about art history, Bottom Eames, Romance, Post-Inception, Canon Compliant, thousands of words of porn!

And you know, there's something really liberating about putting your thoughts down and sending them out and not being able to take them back. I think you're probably reading this and thinking that I'm significantly weirder deep down inside than you'd thought, and that's all right because it's the truth. But maybe you don't care and you've already thrown this away and you'll toss any other ones I send out with the junk mail, unopened. And that'd be okay too. It's not the reading that counts; it’s the writing.

There are two boxes full of letters in Eames's desk drawer. The ones he receives from Arthur, and the ones he wishes he could send in reply.

Why I loved it: I read this story a while ago for the first time and stumbled upon it again because this year's [ profile] i_reversebang is just finishing posting and this story (from 2013's reverse bang) came to my mind and I had to reread it immediately. It's not only beautifully crafted, but contains an irresistible atmosphere. There's much art - and I just love art in most of its forms - in the story. It's also a tale about these two men that thrive with the other though they need an outrageous amount of time to realise it. And then there's an explosive and wonderful love scene once they are finally in each other's vicinity.

I really loved that they weren't together for quite some time in Lines That We'll Draw, but are nearly always on the mind of the other. How gorgeous is that? They fall for each other nonetheless. Eamus at least gets Arthur's letters, but as Arthur travels and doesn't leave a return adress, Eames can only write his replies and stack them into a box at his desk. The letters they write are absolutely brilliant. Yes, I have a super soft spot for epistolary fics, but that's not all what this fic is. Eames and Athur grow quite a lot during this story. It's so beautiful to see. And yeah, at the end of the story there's not only a hot sex scene, but also some stunning art by kivvii to see. It is a whole package of beauty.



Sending letters with no return addresses is such a delightfully you thing to do. The only thing better than having the last word is simply having all the words, isn’t it? The only thing better than that in my opinion is the sound of one’s own voice, but needs must.

I must admit that I was surprised to learn in your first letter that you’d listened to me. Especially since I’m fully aware that I did not express myself in a particularly kind or even transparent way. If I’d had the time and the sobriety to come up with a concise way of saying what I was really thinking, it would have been this: you, Arthur, are too good for your own ambitions. I’ve told other people that you’re the best at what you do. Potential employers, other points that I don’t like, even Cobb. But I’ve never told you, probably because I’m an asshole.

Title: Love Is Pure Gold and Time a Thief
Author: favicon Aja[ profile] bookshop
Pairing(s) Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 43,699
Content/Warnings: Military Backstory, mutual antagonism, Competence Kink, Pining, Inception Reverse Big Bang Challenge 2016
Summary: Having a history with someone isn’t the same as having a present.

Why I loved it: This story. Gosh, I can't. This story is a raw gem. Reading it hurts a bit, but well, it's only because they do talk a lot with each other, but not talk with each other. But it's so well done and I loved so many ideas here. Their shared military past, how Eames tricked everyone into underestimating him, how that came back to roost him later, how he helped Cobb though he couldn't stand his incompetent arse (for Arthur, of course), how he fell so hard and remembered every word he ever shared with Arthur, and yet, it took them so long to actually find a way. Jesus fucking Christ, these guys killed me. LOL

I fear this is neither a coherent nor persuasive rec, but I'm in awe about this fic. It is so beautifully written and hurtful in just the right ways and the sex is smoking hot and yeah ... please just do yourself a favour and read it. As it's also an Inception Reverse Bang story, it comes with fantastic art too. This one is by assasyngal - a great picture and a perfect match for the story.

There is a before/after turning point in every man's life. Probably, for every other man in Eames' new unit, it comes some time later when they open their eyes and find themselves in the unknown, the inconceivable, unbelievable: dreamspace.

But for Eames, his before/after, his point of absolute no return, arrives the moment when, amid a bunch of lengthy, coded and confusing explanations about their new assignment, his newest commanding officer opens that glowing, glittering, magnificent silver box.

He’s hooked. He has no idea what that messy contraption is or what it does, but it looks like something out of every sci-fi novel he’ll never admit to having read, and whatever it is, Eames wants in.

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