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These lists are quite fun, and here's mine:

Well, I hope I'm outgoing and open-minded. A person that's easy to please. I can stand nearly everything on my dislike not-so-fond-off-list. Especially, if it's done by a favourite artist/author of mine or it got recced by someone whose verdict I trust.

I'm a multishipper and a multifandom person. Normally, I hop from one fandom to the other like a butterfly. I have a hard time reading the pairing I'm currently writing. Therefore what I read and what not can change from one day to the next.

I love slash the most. Occasionally, I will read fem-slash or het too, but don't count on it. Oh, and I do like threesomes or polyamorous stories.

Make the characters smart. Yes, that's realitve, and cleverness can show in many ways. But if characters can show me something new or are total nerds themselves, I will probably love them to pieces. The list of my favourite pairings speaks for itself: many prodigies and doctors among them (further below). As a former scientist who's a medical editor now I can't help it.

Likes - in general
Technical stuff:
POV – I'll read all the POVs and especially love second person POV (though it has to be done well). I don't care about change of POVs either. Tbh, I love to see the thoughts of my MCs. Just tell me, who's talking and make switches visible and we're good.
Tense – All the tenses! I love past and present tense equally.
Timelines – As long as your readers can follow, do as you please.
Alusion – Yes, please. I thrive on them.
Wordplay – Again, yes, please.

Genres and tropes:
Bonding/forced bonding/accidental bonding
Rentboy (though I'm a bit picky here)
Major character death
Mental health issues of all kind
Friends with benefits
Pretend boyfriends/fake relationship

I love to read:
Humour - you can always get me with humour. ALWAYS.
Banter and bickering (Irony, Sarcasm)

All the smut:
Kissing, from licking to biting – make me flail when they're kissing
BDSM – give me all the kinks and I'll take them
Blow jobs – delicious
Hand jobs and wanking (and coming all over the other) - fun
Rough or angry sex, sleepy sex, tender sex, intense sex – I should probably just say ALL the sex ;p
Favourite body parts: Hair, jaw, eyes, shoulders, bums, throat and nape, collarbones, hands (fingers and wrists), thighs and knee pits, hipbones, cock, balls and – to make the triad perfect - hole, feet (instep)
Threesomes/Moresomes/Gangbang/Polyamerous relationship – as long as it's fun there can never be too many people involved. If you'll give me the last one with hot sex and all the feels, I'd probably build you a shrine here and now.
Antagonism, inequality, power play – you get the idea
Dub con
Exhibitionism, semi-public sex – tbh, if it's public I wouldn't mind either, as long as they get away with it (and don't get themselves into the next holding cell/[add prison of your liking]
Role playing
Androgyny, gender play, make up, long hair on boys, androgynous clothing/revealing clothing/full woman attire on men, manly regalia on women
Uniforms. boots, leather jackets/trousers/boots/gloves/harness/collar – yes, I do love leather, sport uniforms of any kind (put them into tight trousers because tight trousers win)
Arousal. All states of arousal are welcome (even the inappropriate or embarrassing ones).
Water and sex - no, not water sports but bath/shower/lake/river/whateverwateryoucanthinkoff-sex
Bisexuality, coming to terms with sexuality, gay-for-you
Inexperience in young characters. You haven't been a sex god with 16/17 either, have you?
Bottom/top: I don't give a fuck and never will (and because it's true I totally forgot that point and had to edit here). If you want to do me favour, you'll let them switch as long as that fits your storyline. If your story has some dynamics and therefore one needs to top/bottom, I'll get it. As I said, I love dynamics and have no problem with a x-tops/y-bottoms story.

Squirks - in general
Violence for the sake of it/violence without a reason
Your character is taking revenge and overdo – go for it
Your character is a power hungry megalomaniac – go for it
Your character likes to be beaten til he bleeds because it's his kink – go for it
You get it– whatever the reason, I'll probably take it.
But when your character is a psychopathic arsehole who tortures people for fun – nope, won't read it. So, proper tagging about that is appreciated. Thank you!

Dislikes Not-so-fond-off – in general
A/B/O – Not the typical trope with slicker than slick channels and things like "your my O, so you need to obey, I'm your A and know everything so much better, baby". If you'll make the dynamics more interesting (the O is stronger, smarter, and doesn't obey everything), I'll probably read it.
A/B/O fics can catch me with a good summary.

Beasts/Creatures – I'm not very fond off the pheromones/instincts trope– when their nature takes over (all the time) and it can't be helped. I like my MCs to have their own will. If they don't, someone/something has probably taken over their minds or desires. That's interesting (Do they resist? Do they give in? Do they seem to give in but are trying to sneak out? Do they fight, but losing on the long run?)

Mpreg – Well, I was sick a whole pregnancy and counted the days down from week 6 (stopped only when I was in the labour ward). Therefore, I'm not very fond of being reminded in general.
If the conception itself is a mystery or there's a lot of weird magic behind it, I'll probably give it a try.

AUs - I love AUs when canon is human to begin with, I don't like human/Muggle AUs when canon contains a fantastic world-building (always seems like a wasted opportunity for me). To give some examples: I love Sherlock or James Bond AUs, but can think of better themes than a HP-Muggle-AU, a solely human Marvel fic or Tolkien fic.

Harry Potter
- Harry's my favourite to write and to read. I love it when he's paired with someone who causes a challenge, like: Draco/Harry, Harry/Scorpius, Harry/Tom, Harry/Lucius. I do read other pairings with him too.
- Draco is awesome, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for him. I do love Charlie/Draco, Draco/Ron, Draco/Albus and other pairings as well.
- I have a soft spot for Hugo Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. Pair them with whomever you like.
Remus, Sirius, James and Peter are not my favourite characters I would be probably happier with other pairings.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Loki/Tony (by far my favourite), Clint/Loki, Bucky/Loki, Bucky/Tony, Bucky/Sam
I'm sorry, but I don't really like Thor and Steve. Thor/Loki, Steve/Tony and Steve/Bucky are not my pairings. Every once in a while I do read such a fic, but it's rare. Chances are higher if it's a threesome. :) I also love HP/MCU crossovers.

Hannibal (NBC)
Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham

James Bond (Craig movies)
James Bond/Q, I also like it when Alec Trevelyan is put into the mix.


Star Wars - Rogue One
Bohdi Rook/Galen Erso, Bohdi Rook/Cassian Andor

Sherlock Holmes (BBC, ACD)
Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Greg, John/Moriarty, Holmeses incest, Mycroft/John (for unfathomable reasons I don't like Greg/Mycroft).

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
Thorin/Bilbo, Bard/Thranduil, Thorin/Dwalin, Legolas/Glimli (that's totally Sansûhk's fault), Eomer/Faramir (I also like HP/LotR crossovers)

Suits (USA Network)
Mike Ross/Harvey Specter

The Martian
Mark Watney/Chris Beck (very small fandom, but I love it)

Generation Kill (HBO)
Brad Colbert/Nate Fick

The Dark Is Rising
Will Stanton/Bran Davies

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Iron Bull/Cullen Rutherford

The Mortal Instruments
Jace Wayland/Simon Lewis

to be continued...
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